Tuesday, March 5, 2019

Morbid Decadence: New Collection Release 2019 - Main Pieces Showcase

Main Pieces

Hello everyone! Long time no post we know! As the blogosphere has begun to die down and be taken over by Instagram (where we spend most of our time currently so click our sidebar links and follow us there) we haven't really thought to update our Blogger. But we thought we would update over here anyway with our latest release. We still have a few of these one-of-a-kind pieces available on Etsy by the way! Let's get right into it!

We were hard at work at the middle to end of 2018 creating a dream collection that as we have noticed seems to solidify us as a gothic brand, the "Lilith" to our "Adalia" so to speak. But we are a brand that embraces duality, Lilith being our more gothic, mature, elegant side and Adalia being our more demure, classic, soft side.

Annabelle - Gothic Cross One Piece Dress

This dress sold out within seconds and was the most popular and most wanted piece of the collection! We also received a ton of interest in commissions on this piece, which we have already taken a few for the year for variations on this dress. That being said, although we love this piece, there will be a limit on the amount of reproductions we will create (to leave room for new styles!) It's important to leave room for creativity and not get stuck making the same things over and over, as that isn't what we are about. Don't let that deter you for asking for us to design something in the vein of this design though! We have already begun doodling variations on this design as well.

Raven - Hand Embroidered Jumperskirt

Also a highly demanded piece in our collection that sold out in a few minutes! We also received requests for commissions and variations on this piece. As a last minute design decision, we added ribbon lacing to the back shirring panel, and good thing! The customer who purchased it was very happily surprised with the addition! Ribbon embroidery however is quite new to us, but we will absolutely be utilizing it more in our designs in the future. Just understand that with any hand stitch work, these will be on the higher tier in terms of pricing to reflect the work that goes into it.

Juliette - Floral Embroidery Jumperskirt

This dress is the last one still available on our shop! We are very surprised because it is one of our favorites in the collection. This also features hand ribbon embroidery in red, purple, and dark green. The rose ribbon brooch at the center is removable (the embroidered roses are not of course), and so are the bows at the waistline. The back is also shirred. Click here to buy now!

Evianna - Quilted and Beaded Jumperskirt

This piece has a lot of handwork as well and intricate sewing techniques. The bodice is machine quilted with metallic thread and batting, and hand beaded at every intersection. The outer skirt is mesh and the center skirt is metallic printed cotton. Back is shirred and laced with velvet ribbon. 

We were very happy with the reception of this collection! We see that our customers really love gothic and black pieces, which makes us happy too. Many things sold out in the first ten minutes of the release. However, we still have pieces available. Click here to shop now!

Our next post will be showcasing our accessories, so stay tuned for that! We will try to keep this blog updated more often, but we want to spend more time creating than posting and promoting, of course a balance needs to be maintained. What things do you want to read about? What do you think of our latest collection? Comment below and let us know.

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See you all soon,
Lilith et Adalia Team

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