Wednesday, August 9, 2017

Commission Completion: Custom Made “Natasha” OP Version II + Updates!

Hello everyone! It's been quite some time since we have made a post over here! We are much more active on our Facebook, Instagram, and Tumblr pages, so do check us out and follow over on those sites!

Short Update time!

We are already more than midway through the year and so far we have rolled out a large collection of headdresses in March, which were a huge hit. We built upon the headdress and veil sets that we first began selling at Rufflecon 2016. We got so many requests about them that we decided to make twelve more in different colors and styles, all one of a kind. We still have a couple of the more obscure colors in stock (Ivory and Red currently), but all of our Black versions sold in an instant! We even got one custom request to make a thirteenth in Black.

We still have leftover items in our shop currently from our Rufflecon Collection that we are looking to sell as soon as we can, now with lowered prices! Please check them out!

We are planning some new items very soon, so stay up to date on our social media for details!

Now onto the photos of our last major custom project, keep reading~

"Natasha" One Piece Dress Version II
Custom Sized


So this piece is custom sized to our customer's measurements, the first time we as a brand have took on such a project. It was very much a learning experience. For additional comfort we added a shirring panel at the back, and the dress zips under the arm at the side seam. We hope to try our hand at a few more custom sized pieces after we feel more comfortable with doing them. Our customer was local, so we were able to fit in person, which made a huge difference in getting the fit just right.

The fabric is a Bordeaux Lightweight Cotton Sateen. All the ruffles are hand done and hand placed, a process that took the longest time out of everything which caused a bit of delay with the completion. If we do this dress again, we would prefer to speed up the ruffling and placement process. 

All the bows are handmade as well out of double sided satin ribbon and trimmed with small rosettes. The center bow is a detachable velvet ribbon. The back lacing is organza ribbon. Sleeves are three-quarter princess styled sleeves and the hem is trimmed with tonal mesh. More detailed images below!

And that's all we have for you today! We will try to keep the blog more updated in the future, but our other pages is where all the action is really at. Please follow us! 

We can't reveal too much yet but we are working on a new small collection of one of a kind clothing and accessories for adults and children! We are very excited to begin something new and we can't wait to share that with you all.

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