Sunday, August 9, 2015

Lilith et Adalia: Women's Collection - Dress One - "Vienna de Lune" Chemise Dress Debut

The moment you have all been asking for has finally arrived. We are finally debuting the first piece in our current four piece collection of Women's Wear new from us at Lilith et Adalia! As always, fully handmade by us!

The Chemise dress, made iconic by Marie Antoinette herself, is one of our favorite silhouettes. Light, breezy, and simple, it's the perfect addition to any wardrobe - especially in warmer climates. Yes you can be frilly and comfortable at the same time! It's also an incredibly versatile style to dress up over the top, or more simply.

After making two Children's sized ones in our collection last year, and with all the requests to create pieces in Women's size, we finally did it!

Without further delay, we present to you...

Women's Collection Chemise a la Reine Inspired Dress

This dress is made of soft White Cotton Clip Dot and lined with Cotton Batiste. It's fully elasticized at the neckline and the waist all around for an extremely comfortable and no fuss fit. No zippers, no buttons, just pull right over the head! Couldn't be easier or more effortless. It's quite comfortable while worn as well for that same reason.

The Taffeta sashes are removable and interchangeable between Lavender and Rosy Pink - both included with purchase! This makes the dress highly versatile. You can even add your own waist sash from your personal collection. In the future, we plan to offer this dress with customizable sash colors. We think this would look great paired with Mint Green or Powder Blue as well, but we had to stop somewhere right?

The neckline has a lovely ruffle all around, harkening back to its historical reflection.

It also features removable layered ribbons at the neckline and hem. They attach with silver nickel plated brooch pins at the back. These are made with striped satin-organza ribbon layered over ruffled satin ones, both in matching white. They can be moved around however you want. We love layered bows, and these were the perfect touch!

The ribbons at the sleeve ruffle are also layered satin and organza (however these small ones are not detachable.)

We poofed her up with this white organza petticoat, however not for sale. But don't you just love those floofy ruffles? You can purchase petticoats like these in various places online. This particular one is from Taobao.

This dress is the Women's size version of our little Vienna pictured above. The little one is available on our Etsy Shop currently in Girls Size 5 and she is still looking for someone to take her home! We would be ecstatic if one of you bought them both, possibly for a daughter, little sister, niece, cousin...we would be so excited to see the both of you pictured together. But even if they were separated, we would still be happy.

Remember, this is the First of Four Women's Collection Dresses that will be released!

Vienna de Lune - Women's Collection Dress will be up for sale over on our Etsy Shop
 Wednesday August 12th, 2015 at 8PM EST!
$249 + Shipping $10 Domestic, $37 International
It is currently one of it’s kind so act fast! This dress however will be available in a limited “Made to Order” run in the future, so stay tuned for that. We are unsure of exactly when that will happen, but it's in work! Feel free to inquire with us on custom orders any time and we will try to accommodate you if possible given a large enough time frame.

Below are the next three pieces to be released throughout the year and into the next...

 Each dress will debut one by one and be up for sale right after their debut dates - all currently TBD. Stay tuned in on our various social media pages (links located in our sidebar icons) to stay updated on the release dates as they appear! 

Designs, colors, and fabrics are subject to change and may appear different from what we have pictured here due to fabric availability.

Each and every piece is personally handmade by us! We currently work full time day jobs which can make it difficult to release items as quickly as planned, but do bear with us! We can't do any of this without you, our wonderful customers.

Thank you for reading!
- Lilith er Adalia

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  1. Ooh, it's simply gorgeous! I've always drooled over chemise dresses, but this is just fantastic! I was hoping to order one for my birthday in October, so I couldn't justify thinking of it on the 12th August. :( Do you think they'd be made to order round about the end of October?
    I'm also a huge fan of the first blue OP that will be coming out in the future. Good luck with your brand!

    Thanks, Ellie