Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Lilith et Adalia Presents: The Making of - Elladia's First Communion Dress

Hello followers! We apologize again for the impromptu hiatus! There have been some difficulties holding us back lately from progressing, but we hope to slowly make our way back on track.

Recently we were offered a special project to complete - a custom made-to-order Holy Communion Dress. This was another time consuming project we had to take on, but with wonderful and rewarding results. The dress was made for the lovely Elladia Jones of Wihelmina Models. Her mother, Evelina, had brought her daughter to model in the FIT BFA Fashion Show back in 2013, where she modeled LeA Designer and Seamstress, Aria's fashion show dress. Aria encountered Evelina during another photoshoot she helped in for her former internship where they then exchanged contacts. It was with that connection that she was prospected for the creation.

Evelina and Elladia were elated when she accepted the offer to create a custom gown for her First Holy Communion. Work was started immediately as time was short with only a little over a month and a half to complete the piece. And it really came down to the final weeks!

Without further delay, here is the completed video of the process behind the completed dress! For the best experience, click the link to watch over on YouTube.

The dress is made of White Taffeta, Embroidered Lace, Sparkle and Solid Soft Tulle, and hand beaded with pearls and Swarovski crystals. 

Here are some of the still images of the completed dress as seen in the video...

We desired to have more crisp and professional images of the pieces on their own, but due to timing that wasn't possible. These photos were taken literally a day before the dress had to be handed off! Time was really constrained, but we managed to overcome! The test of true designer, indeed.

And now for some images from the Communion and the following reception! 
The theme of the occasion was Cinderella, the Disney 2015 adaptation.
Photos are © 2015 Cathy Rosselli Photography

Elladia and her younger brother Hunter - they are inseparable!

Elladia dances with her brother.
A dress fit for a Princess.
Daddy's Little Girl <3
Thank you for viewing! We have a lot planned for new releases very soon! Our Women's Collection has been delayed from its original release of June 2015, but now we are aiming for August of 2015. We will update here as well as on our many social media pages with more info soon!

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