Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Things We Love: Dark Elegance

Hello everyone! We for you today have a new installment of our blog series "Things We Love"! It's been awhile since we have, and if you are new to our blog, Things We Love is a collection of brand name items that we find inspiring. Each post is themed around a certain inspiration.

Today's theme...

As dusk began to fall on a chill Winter's night, the cobblestone paths of town glowed dim with the fire lights of the lamps. The noble oaks above, branches lulling sadly, barren, and bare. The fallen leaves blow softly in the wind. They seem to lead you onward, spiraling and spinning, moving quicker down that dimly lit path. "Follow me..." whispers a mysterious little voice, echoing down road. Follow you must. 

At the end of the road stands a tall and enormous estate with black iron gates. As you run your hand across the ornately curved metal, the latch opens. The wind kicks up suddenly, swinging the gates open. It seems to draw you in. At the end of the hedge lined path stands an elegant young lady, draped in beautiful black lace and velvet. She smiles sweetly and leads you ahead. The doors of the estate open, almost if by magic, and the most wondrous sight is revealed. People of all ages dancing regally across the golden glistening floor. You set your first foot inside. Above is a glistening lit chandelier, it's crystals gleaming in the candlelight. The rising moon, glows through the large windows across the room. Everyone present seemed to glow with it, feeding off of it's radiant moonlight. Dressed they all were, in romantically sophisticated wares, silken dresses, velvet capes, sparkling tulle and deeply colored chiffon, intricately woven Chantilly lace, more than the eye can absorb at once. The grandfather clock strikes the dawn of true nightfall. 

Welcome to the celebration, hearts of dark elegance join in a night of endless beauty.

Item I. 
Black Lace and Tulle Dress
Dolce and Gabbana
A most beautiful piece. We love the fluffy sleeves, the cut of the piece, and of course that lovely openwork tulle and lace stitched the the hem and bodice. We believe this dress is perfect for a child of any age in evoking that dark elegant look that we love so much. Though what looks to be a too delicate piece, perhaps a child with a certain calm disposition would be suitable? Rare I'm sure, but that's quite alright! 

We even believe that this dress can be interpreted wonderfully in a Women's Wear piece as well.

Item II.
Black Faux Fur Collar
The perfect touch for any elegant occasion. We love fur, and you cannot go wrong with black faux fur collars for any age! In youth, it gives the feeling of princessly whimsy. The satin bow is a lovely accent as well here along with the touch of gold in the heart emblem.

Item III.
Green Velvet Bow Dress
Florence Eiseman

Green velvet just screams sophistication. It's one of our favorite fabrics and done here in a very classic and simple manner. The peter pan collar and bow are just enough to give this piece the bit of elegance it needs. We also love how this dress could be dressed up or dressed down if your little one wanted to.

Item IV.
Green Silk Taffeta Skirt
Oscar de la Renta
Oh and green taffeta too of course! We love that swishing sound it makes as you walk, how crisp it is to the touch, the sheen, and how it poofs out so effortlessly. Taffeta is the ultimate feminine fabric in our opinion! Here it is in a simple application. We really cant get over that deep rich emerald green.

Item V.
Red Silk Chiffon and Lace Dress
Dolce and Gabbana
D&G seems to always get it right with these wonderful lacy pieces. Again, quite delicate looking, but we adore it anyway. That red is so wonderfully vibrant isn't it? The lace pattern is also a gorgeous rose design. Yet another simply elegant garment.

Item VI.
Green Suede Leather Shoes
I Pinco Pallino
Yes another green item! Though we think shes shoes would be gorgeous in any deep jewel tone, like cobalt blue, plum, burgundy, and even a simple black. These are just stunning in every way. We wish they came in our size!

Item VII.
Black Velvet One Piece Dress
Brand Unknown
Since we want to slowly begin including Women's sized garments into our Things We Love selections, we decided that this piece really fit the the theme rather well. This dress possibly comes from an Indie Lolita brand from China, if you know which brand it is please leave a comment letting us know, thanks! 

You simply can't go wrong with black velvet, and this is no exception. This dress even seems to have silky elasticated puffy sleeves to add to it's elegance, and on top of that, they are trimmed with white lace - the collar as well here. We love the black and white combination in lolita fashion. The combo is the epitome of Gothic Lolita, and here it is done rather subtly, which we like. Loving also the pick up skirt trimmed with the velvet bows and the ruffled underskirt below it. A very inspiring piece.

Expect our subsequent Things We Love posts to have more mixing, as well as new themes and stories to go with them all.

We hope you enjoyed.

- Lilith et Adalia

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