Friday, January 16, 2015

Reintroducing Lilith et Adalia: A Women's and Little Girls Clothing Brand

We thought it appropriate at this time of transition to reintroduce ourselves as an evolved brand with a whole new outlook on our creative future.

We are now Lilith et Adalia, a lifestyle brand for Women and Young Girls! We will continue to strive to create beautiful, intricate, one-of-a-kind garments, made with great care and attention to detail, for women and young girls alike.

We hope that this declaration will further excite you for everything we have planned in the future! We have discussed in our last post our reasoning for changing our brand mission and outlook yes, but we also will be beginning anew here on our blog with content inclusive of women's and little girls fashions!

What can you expect from our newly awakened brand?

  • Continued eloquently designed and constructed garments for children - not only dresses, but we will like to expand into skirts and accessories in the coming year! 

  • New sizes in Girl - 2T - 8Y, as well as free-size and range-size pieces ("Grow with Me" designs)

  • Women's sizes - available in range-size, meaning we will be fully utilizing shirring and elastics in all of our adult pieces. 

What's new on the blog?

  • Things We Love - making a comeback, now with both women's and children's garments!
  • What inspires us: Where we will discuss fashion trends and stylings, historical fashions, art, movies, and more that keeps our creative juices flowing. 
  • Progress we are making with our current projects and previews of what's to come.
  • More original art! We have been lacking illustrations as of late! 
What would you like to see on our blog? Please tell us!

We are still our same old selves, just with a brand new future. We strive to make all of your most elegant fashion dreams come true! As we prepare to release our new items, please hold tight! While you wait, we will do our best to bring you content from all angles of our brand image.

Please continue to give us your support! We really need it in this time of transition!

- Lilith et Adalia Team

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