Monday, October 19, 2015

Design Spotlight: Leandre La Reine - Coming Soon!

Hello everyone! We are excited to present to you once again the next release of our Women's Wear collection, Leandre la Reine, based on our original Children's dress (see below, click the link to be directed to our etsy shop for purchase only one is available!)

We are concerned however, with sourcing this same powder blue shantung again, so in order to counteract that difficulty, we tried some color runs! We would love to get your thoughts on them!

 Jewel Tones - These colors we find are often widely available from various sources. We personally love the emerald and silver. These colors are very wintery and festive and perfect for the holiday season. Comment and let us know which one is your favorite!

Pastels - We would have to look into sourcing these colors, but we really want to! We could also look into alternate fabrications, like woven solid cotton, swiss dot cotton, clip dot cotton, the list goes on! These are great colors for Spring, and we would love to source these colors for Spring 2016. But maybe you are someone who wears pastels any time? If sourcing is successful we would love to offer these color options all year round. Again, let us know which one is your favorite of these three options!

The first Women's Collection Leandre la Reine dress is planned to be completed by the beginning of December, we hope just in time for Christmas! Whichever color is most popular, we will make as the first one off release. Additional colors will be available on a custom order basis only. Fabric availability always fluctuates for us, so we will keep you updated on what colors we are able to get!

Thank you for reading! We hope you guys are excited!

- Lilith et Adalia

Wednesday, September 16, 2015

The Lilith et Adalia Cinema Presents: Tale of Tales (2015 Film)

It's been a while, hasn't it? But don't worry because today we bring a gift! A gift called "Tale of Tales" in our ongoing "Lilith et Adalia Cinema Presents" series. "Tale of Tales" directed by Matteo Garone is a wonder combination of fantasy, horror and whimsy. A film of three tales that all share a common theme while being intertwined. It is an adaptation of tales by poet Giambattista Basile, which contains early versions of famous fair tales such as Rapunzel, Sleeping Beauty and Cinderella.
In this tale we meet the Queen of Longtrellis. A Queen who appears to have everything. The devotion of her royal subjects, the love of her husband the King of Longtrellis and... well not everything. What she truly desires most of all is a child and she is willing to sacrifice even her life for that. Once she is granted the gift of childbirth all things seem to go well until she realizes that the child she loves more than anything in the world does not share the same devotion of her. As this story unravels, we see just how far she'll go to remain as the one he loves the most.

Our next tale "The Flea" tells the story of the King of Highhills and his daughter Princess Violet. The Princess didn't ask for much except that her father help her find a husband, someone smart and handsome. Her devoted father promises, but soon become distant once his attention and adoration is directed towards something more captivating a Flea... Yes, a Flea. Never would you imagine that something so small could put such a big strain on the relationship between a father and daughter, that is until it's time for the King to fulfill his promise of procuring a husband for his daughter.

Our last tale "The Two Old Women" begins with the lustful King Strongcliff hearing the lovely singing of a fair maiden. But little does he know is that his fair maiden (that he could not see from afar) is actually an elderly woman. The King soon becomes consumed with seeing the face of the woman he's fallen in love with. While the woman and becomes obsessed with trying to conceal herself and keep up a charade to procure a good life for herself and her sister. Soon things begin to go past the point of no return.

One of the main themes throughout each tale is selfishness. Most of the main characters are thoughtless with such a strong desire for something, so strong that they don't see how it affects the others in their life. The Queens desire to keep her son close, the Kings desire and affection for his pet Flea and an Elderly woman's desire to feel young and hold the attention of a King.

'Tale of Tales" is a beautifully poetic and lavishly set film. If you're a lover of Brothers Grimm fairy tales and films directed by Jean-Pierre Jeunet, Terry Gilliam, Tarsem Singh and Tim Burton than this is a movie for you. We didn't even get a chance to show off some of the beautiful costume designs for this feature.
Thank you for reading! What are your favorite fairy-tale themed films? Leave us a comment and we'll be sure to check it out if we haven't already seen it.

Sunday, August 9, 2015

Lilith et Adalia: Women's Collection - Dress One - "Vienna de Lune" Chemise Dress Debut

The moment you have all been asking for has finally arrived. We are finally debuting the first piece in our current four piece collection of Women's Wear new from us at Lilith et Adalia! As always, fully handmade by us!

The Chemise dress, made iconic by Marie Antoinette herself, is one of our favorite silhouettes. Light, breezy, and simple, it's the perfect addition to any wardrobe - especially in warmer climates. Yes you can be frilly and comfortable at the same time! It's also an incredibly versatile style to dress up over the top, or more simply.

After making two Children's sized ones in our collection last year, and with all the requests to create pieces in Women's size, we finally did it!

Without further delay, we present to you...

Women's Collection Chemise a la Reine Inspired Dress

This dress is made of soft White Cotton Clip Dot and lined with Cotton Batiste. It's fully elasticized at the neckline and the waist all around for an extremely comfortable and no fuss fit. No zippers, no buttons, just pull right over the head! Couldn't be easier or more effortless. It's quite comfortable while worn as well for that same reason.

The Taffeta sashes are removable and interchangeable between Lavender and Rosy Pink - both included with purchase! This makes the dress highly versatile. You can even add your own waist sash from your personal collection. In the future, we plan to offer this dress with customizable sash colors. We think this would look great paired with Mint Green or Powder Blue as well, but we had to stop somewhere right?

The neckline has a lovely ruffle all around, harkening back to its historical reflection.

It also features removable layered ribbons at the neckline and hem. They attach with silver nickel plated brooch pins at the back. These are made with striped satin-organza ribbon layered over ruffled satin ones, both in matching white. They can be moved around however you want. We love layered bows, and these were the perfect touch!

The ribbons at the sleeve ruffle are also layered satin and organza (however these small ones are not detachable.)

We poofed her up with this white organza petticoat, however not for sale. But don't you just love those floofy ruffles? You can purchase petticoats like these in various places online. This particular one is from Taobao.

This dress is the Women's size version of our little Vienna pictured above. The little one is available on our Etsy Shop currently in Girls Size 5 and she is still looking for someone to take her home! We would be ecstatic if one of you bought them both, possibly for a daughter, little sister, niece, cousin...we would be so excited to see the both of you pictured together. But even if they were separated, we would still be happy.

Remember, this is the First of Four Women's Collection Dresses that will be released!

Vienna de Lune - Women's Collection Dress will be up for sale over on our Etsy Shop
 Wednesday August 12th, 2015 at 8PM EST!
$249 + Shipping $10 Domestic, $37 International
It is currently one of it’s kind so act fast! This dress however will be available in a limited “Made to Order” run in the future, so stay tuned for that. We are unsure of exactly when that will happen, but it's in work! Feel free to inquire with us on custom orders any time and we will try to accommodate you if possible given a large enough time frame.

Below are the next three pieces to be released throughout the year and into the next...

 Each dress will debut one by one and be up for sale right after their debut dates - all currently TBD. Stay tuned in on our various social media pages (links located in our sidebar icons) to stay updated on the release dates as they appear! 

Designs, colors, and fabrics are subject to change and may appear different from what we have pictured here due to fabric availability.

Each and every piece is personally handmade by us! We currently work full time day jobs which can make it difficult to release items as quickly as planned, but do bear with us! We can't do any of this without you, our wonderful customers.

Thank you for reading!
- Lilith er Adalia

Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Lilith et Adalia Presents: The Making of - Elladia's First Communion Dress

Hello followers! We apologize again for the impromptu hiatus! There have been some difficulties holding us back lately from progressing, but we hope to slowly make our way back on track.

Recently we were offered a special project to complete - a custom made-to-order Holy Communion Dress. This was another time consuming project we had to take on, but with wonderful and rewarding results. The dress was made for the lovely Elladia Jones of Wihelmina Models. Her mother, Evelina, had brought her daughter to model in the FIT BFA Fashion Show back in 2013, where she modeled LeA Designer and Seamstress, Aria's fashion show dress. Aria encountered Evelina during another photoshoot she helped in for her former internship where they then exchanged contacts. It was with that connection that she was prospected for the creation.

Evelina and Elladia were elated when she accepted the offer to create a custom gown for her First Holy Communion. Work was started immediately as time was short with only a little over a month and a half to complete the piece. And it really came down to the final weeks!

Without further delay, here is the completed video of the process behind the completed dress! For the best experience, click the link to watch over on YouTube.

The dress is made of White Taffeta, Embroidered Lace, Sparkle and Solid Soft Tulle, and hand beaded with pearls and Swarovski crystals. 

Here are some of the still images of the completed dress as seen in the video...

We desired to have more crisp and professional images of the pieces on their own, but due to timing that wasn't possible. These photos were taken literally a day before the dress had to be handed off! Time was really constrained, but we managed to overcome! The test of true designer, indeed.

And now for some images from the Communion and the following reception! 
The theme of the occasion was Cinderella, the Disney 2015 adaptation.
Photos are © 2015 Cathy Rosselli Photography

Elladia and her younger brother Hunter - they are inseparable!

Elladia dances with her brother.
A dress fit for a Princess.
Daddy's Little Girl <3
Thank you for viewing! We have a lot planned for new releases very soon! Our Women's Collection has been delayed from its original release of June 2015, but now we are aiming for August of 2015. We will update here as well as on our many social media pages with more info soon!

Hope you enjoyed! Please Like, Comment, and Share our video! Any bit of promotion helps! And do subscribe to our YouTube channel as more videos are soon to come!

Thank you, 

Lilith et Adalia Team