Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Our First Dress Sale! Ysebel de Pompadour!

Our crowning moment has happened everyone! We made our first sale in July 2014! Took us long to announce it here, we apologize, but better late than never right? It was a long time coming, and we have a very long way to go (we still have 11 dresses left for sale, yikes! But we aren't losing sight of our goals or becoming discouraged!) We were so excited and thrilled that it finally happened!

The dress was sold to the lovely mom Sarah F. for her beautiful daughter Anne Collette (with a beautiful name to match!) She adored the dress which fit her daughter perfectly. Sarah was thrilled with her purchase and is enthralled with our work! We couldn't be prouder at that moment! She happily gave us our first review at 5 stars!

Sarah has given us permission to share this fantastic photo of her daughter wearing the Ysebel de Pompadour dress in all it's splendor. Photo credit to Sarah's photographer Paula Gofourth.

We even made a complementary bow to match as a token of our gratitude. We will be making our long expected accessory line available in our shop very soon! Due to our restructure, we have halted creating new pieces, but never fear, we will be back on track before you know it! More details coming soon.

Please visit our Etsy Shop to see what we have left in stock. Remember, all our current styles are available in one size only, Girls Size 5-6, and please refer to our listed measurements for more accurate sizing details.

All our hard work is slowly beginning to come to fruition. Please stay with us and continue to support our growing brand!

Thank you all for reading!

- Lilith et Adalia Team

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