Thursday, September 25, 2014

BIG ANNOUNCEMENT: Custom Color/Additional Children's Sizing and Women's Sized Limited Coming Soon!

If the post title didn't give it away already, we have fantastic and huge huge HUGE news for you, our followers, fans, and customers!

We are so happy and excited to announce that Lilith et Adalia will be offering Custom Color/Additional Children's Sizing and Women's Sizing in the near future! The plan is to have this in work until the end of this year and into early-mid 2015!

We are also restructuring our releases to be "Seasonless", meaning we will be releasing capsule collections based on various themes throughout the year, and yes, for both Children and Adults! The collections will not fit into the usual "Spring/ Summer and Fall/Winter" but instead, inspired by "themes" that range from the whimsical, to the ultra-girly, to the dark and elegant, and more.

There is quite a bit to explain here on the changes so lets get started!

What prompted this ground-breaking decision?

Well, we realized that not only were we getting countless requests for additional children's sizes and multiples of each dress, but we were also getting many adults asking for our designs in their size as well. We at LeA have experience in the Women's apparel design field too, and one of our designers is a Lolita Fashion seamstress on the side (you can visit her blog here: DIXMACABRE SEWING CHRONICLE), so we thought "Hey, why don't we just go for it!". After discussing for a couple months about how to handle the change, we decided to quit resting on our laurels and make it public.

Let us begin with information on how Children's Additional Sizing will work going forward.

What sizes will be offered?

We will be offering garments in Girls sizes 2T-8Y in the beginning. We are unsure of sizes 10-14 at this time, but we would love to offer that someday. Not all dresses however will be available in all sizes. This will depend on both fabric availability and dress design.

How else will the garments be limited?

The garments we can offer in multiple sizes will be limited. We can only acquire so much of certain fabrics and therefore we are limited in how many of a single garment we can offer. This goes especially for printed dresses. With solid colored dresses we have a bit more freedom. Once our sizing becomes more solid, we will be very clear on what we can and can't offer.

Will you offer custom colors?

Yes, we will offer colorways of various dresses based on fabric availability. This only applies to solid color dresses. We are thinking of offering our previous designs in new custom colorways in addition to more sizes. Which dresses will we offer? Not decided fully yet, but we do have a few in mind (Leandre la ReineBernadette, and Rosalie, for starters.) We may also alter the designs slightly in future releases. We will offer a color card and graphic chart displaying all our available colors. This will be very limited in the early stages.

Will all of your new and up-and-coming items be offered in multiple sizes?

Yes, that is the goal. Again, whats available will be based on the factors discussed above.

Can I order one dress design in two sizes?

Yes you can based on fabric availability. We may have to block out certain sizes due to fabric yardage restrictions. Feel free to convo us to know in advanced what he have available.

How long will it take to make a dress in a new additional size/color option?

We will offer our original designs in their original color in the Size 5-6 sample size going forward as we have done in the past. This size/color will be available to ship right away. All other sizes will have a 3-4 week make time. Please consider this lead time when ordering. Once the garment is sold in it's original size and colorway (we only make one), any additional dresses in Size 5-6 will be made to order following that sale. Always check the garment's Etsy listing for its current availability.

Additional Information about Children's Custom/Additional Sizing:
  • Though this skews our original motto of "one-of-a-kind garments" for children, please understand that each garment is one of it's kind in the respect that no garment will be exactly the same even if we make multiples. Fabric qualities may differ slightly, and we will make note of that in each listing. Every dress is handmade by us the designers so there will be slight variation in how how each dress comes out as well. 
  • When offering multiple colors, said colors will also be limited in how they can be coordinated. If you would like to order something truly custom in your own desired colors that we do not offer, please feel free to send us a message and we will be happy to accommodate you. However, please be advised that this will incur an additional fee and a private listing on Etsy will be created for you. Remember, solid colored dresses only.
  • We cannot begin work on a made-to-order dress without upfront payment as this is how Etsy is structured. If for any reason you decide to cancel, we will need to deduct from your purchase price for the time spent starting your order (deduction will vary and will be made more clear soon). If for any reason we at Lilith et Adalia cannot complete you request, you will receive a full refund. 
  • We cannot offer "custom designs" at this time. Customers can only choose from what designs we have available. Customizability is limited to color and size.
  • We cannot offer all of our previous dresses in additional sizes. Many of these fabrics we no longer have and cannot obtain again. Most of our custom/multi size items will be new items and revamps/reworks of our older items. New listings will be created for these items. The old one-of-a-kind dresses from our Petite Antoinette Collection will remain one size only in their current listings and remain on sale. 
  • We cannot offer made-to-measure custom garments. We are creating our own standard sizing based on industry standards. These measurements will be made clear in each listing.
Now for information on how Women's Sizing will work!

Pinch yourself, you are not dreaming!

For months, on Tumblr and Facebook, and even among personal friends and acquaintances, we've been hearing the constant question and cry:

"Will you ever make this in women's size? I wish this came in my size!"

So guess what guys, we listened!

Even though initially we started this as a strictly Children's Wear business and had no plans on changing that, but when the demands were high, we couldn't sit here and ignore it. Since business was stagnating a bit, we had to take a second look. What were our fans and customers asking for? And the answer became very clear what we needed to do.

In addition to multiple sizes for Children, we are going to offer a limited collection of Women's Size garments throughout the coming year (or even as soon as this year, who knows?)

So how will this work? Let's break it down!

We will be starting things off by creating Women's Sized versions of the following dresses:
Our ruched bodice dress a la Marie Antoinette will soon take on a brand new and mature look when she is all grown up! Expect this dress in a couple brand new color options! We were thinking burgundy and royal green, maybe a royal blue and ivory, and even remaking this colorway for a matching style. The back will be fully shirred in the Women's version for various fit options.

Now here is a design we really want to expand upon, not only in a Women's sized version, but also in new colorways, fabrications, and designs for the Child's version. We LOVE the whole mock two-piece look, and we have received lots of positive feedback on it from our fans and followers (and we want to design more versions!) Expect some new looks in Children's and the Women's version to follow. We may revisit this in Women's size by making it an actual two-piece where you can interchange the skirts with different bodices. Depending on the design, the Women's version and new Child's versions will be fully shirred in the back. 

In the Women's version of this dress, we will be using a different fabric and color, and modifying the design of this dress a bit for more of an updated look. That will be decided later in full, but we are thinking we should open up the bodice design a bit and add some trim to the princess seams - or something. The skirt design will remain unchanged, except we want to add some bows (as originally planned with the child's version, but didn't work out.)

This iconic Chemise silhouette is the perfect candidate for a Women's sized version don't you all agree? The overall proportion will remain mostly unchanged. The fabrication will be a similar lightweight cotton but we are unsure if it will remain a clip dot. The fabrication for the sash may remain organza, or become a taffeta or other cotton fabric. The back will be fully shirred at the back.

Going forward we will be offering additional colors on a made-to-order basis for Women's sizes, info on how that will work will come later.

We will also be releasing new designs in Women's in relation to our capsule collection themes, which may match back to their mini counterparts ("Mommy and Me" "Big Sis Little Sis" matching styles) or coordinate with their mini counterparts with color and fabrication. The amount of these we can make will be very limited and varied from style to style, so please keep that in mind.

Each dress in Women's size will at first be previewed here on our blog, on our Facebook page, our Tumblr, and on Twitter. Following the preview, the dresses will be released on Etsy on a one-of-a-kind basis, each at its set price. Once those dresses sell, that will be it until new ones are released.

These dresses will have either full or partial elastic shirring for ease of fit, and detailed measurements will be given for each dress. The sizing is estimated at a US Size 4-8. Some dresses may fit up to a US 10. No decision yet on if and when larger sizes will be offered as this is still new for us.

Please note that you will need a petticoat for these Women's sized dresses to make them poofy, because these will not have built in crinoline like their mini counterparts! 

Feedback here will be extremely appreciated! Our Women's sized garments are perfect for our Lolita Fashion lovers, or those of you who love vintage, whimsical, and elegant garments. Feel free to purchase and wear them however you like once they become available! They are not limited to any single customer demographic! But get them while you can because they will be very limited in the early stages.

We are so happy to announce this and we hope you all are happy too!

Thank you for reading!

- Lilith et Adalia Team

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