Friday, February 14, 2014

Things We Love: Neoclassical Enchantment

Hello followers! Today we bring you a special Valentines Day Weekend special Things We Love post, Neoclassical Enchantment. 

Today, (and this extra special weekend, long weekend for those of you here in the US), we celebrate love in all its forms. Valentine's Day isn't just for couples in love, but to spread the warmth of your heart with friends and family. It's a day we set aside to recognize those we love in our lives. Everyday with our loved ones is special, but lets be sure to set aside some personal time to really let that shine. 

In relation to this wonderfully romantic and loving time, we hand picked and "created" a few fashion items that we feel evoke this. The Neoclassical period of Art History was not short of this cloying and exuberant romanticism, so we felt it undoubtably appropriate to feature items that give off that artistic feel ⎯ rather literally in fact!  

Dolce and Gabbana Kids
Cherub Floral Shift Dress

We absolutely adore this piece. D&G is never short of extravagant and graphic prints and embellishments, even for their Children's Wear line. This piece definitely inspires us. Any little girl can be a walking work of art! The delicate floral and the glaring and mischievous yet classic and elegant cherub is the perfect touch to an otherwise simple floral shift dress. The romantic sleeves are the perfect touch.

Next up we had a little fun with Neoclassical Art, pre-existing garments, and our trusty Adobe Photoshop. We superimposed the classic works of Pierre Auguste Cot onto garments! Sadly these aren't the real deal, but it can be real someday! 

Some of our followers who are fond of Lolita Fashion may be well aware of this design concept of "painting dresses", made popular by the classic lolita brand Julliete et Justine. They have come out with various versions of digitally printed painting dresses and skirts that are absolutely stunning. Also, Baby, the Stars Shine Bright, another popular Lolita Fashion brand has recently released its own rendition

We at Lilith et Adalia, also fond lovers of and engagers in the fashion, definitely draw plenty of inspiration from it for our Children's Wear designs (how could we resist?) We also know plenty of Lolitas who follow our work as well! Shout outs to you guys for your support!

Fun with Photoshop
"Spring" by Pierre Auguste Cot (1873)
Simple Silk A-line Gathered Skirt

We are definitely channeling some of the influence of Juliette et Justine here. We love the simple silhouette paired with this gorgeous painting by Cot which features a loving couple together on a rope swing. This scene totally captures the love the two have for each other. You can see the trust they have in each other and their deep emotional connection. It's absolutely wonderful. We really wish this one were real! We hope to gain the capabilities for high quality digital printing someday so we can make these dreams reality.

Fun with Photoshop
"The Storm" by Pierre Auguste Cot (1880)
Classic Blouse with Bow Neckline and Cuffs

We couldn't help but feature another classic painting by the same artist. We love this one, the couple running together from the coming storm, not daring to let each other go, and using the shawl to protect each other from the rain. He holds her closely and tightly as they run off. They will be there for each other forever. What fun it would be to wear this on a blouse? Maybe a little mature for a little girl to wear, but we love the concept and will adapt! No matter the age, we all experiences love in many forms.

Now for some fitting accessories!

Red Rose Flower Crown

We LOVE these. No matter if you are young or old, you cannot deny the beauty and elegance of a floral crown. They are especially adorable on little ones. You also cannot be more classic than a bouquet of red roses. Stay tuned, we did tell you all that we were doing accessories right? You can be sure that we will be releasing some of our own!

Classic Patent Leather Mary Jane with Velvet Bow Detail

Sweet and simple, we'll end with this gorgeous patent leather Mary Jane. The velvet bows scream elegance. Can we even say more?

Bonus: Beauty by Rino Stefano Tagliafierro

Oh one more thing! We'd like to include a little bonus video that features the Neoclassical, Pastoral, and Romantic themes that we love so much. Do watch and enjoy!

We hope you and your loved ones enjoy a wonderful Valentine's Day! We here in New York haven't been having the best week weather wise and this weekend looks no better, but we hope having your loved ones near, no matter where you are or what you do together, makes you happy.

Thanks for reading!

- Lilith et Adalia Team

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