Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Lilith et Adalia Spring/Summer 2014: Sneak Peeks!

The moment we've all been waiting for...

You've been waiting. After months of secrets, brief little snaps of fabrics, ruffles, patterns, bows and...crinoline, we are finally ready to give you a brief look at what he have completed!

From our twelve dresses, we have chosen four of which in their nearly completed state to share with you all, our fans and followers. We know it has been a long time coming, with our Etsy release date getting pushed to March due to timing issues, and our delay in blog content from time to time, we have to now show you guys that we have been in fact working hard.

So lets get on with it! Chit-chat time is over and dynamic photo time commence!

White Cotton Clip Dot Chemise Dress with Lilac Organza Sash

Directly inspired by Marie Antoinette's iconic chemises, this dress is as light, airy, and elegant as any she would ever wear. Perfect for any occasion from the formal gathering to the easy Spring picnic, it's versatile and comfortable along with effortlessly classic.

Cream and Lilac Floral Cotton Dress with Lilac Shantung Belt

Your little one will be one of the loveliest around in this classic silhouette and subdued floral design. Refined and elegant, she floats around the halls of Versailles exuding grace. She won't let the opinions of her fellow court members lower her confidence.

Made of 100% cotton, this dress is another easy wear fit for all occasions.

Mint Green Seersucker Stripe Cotton Dress with Cream Taffeta Sash

Striped and sweet as candy, adorned with embroidered lace, this dress is perfect for any outdoor gathering. Nothing says warm weather like seersucker. Take a stroll in the gardens, along the pond, sipping cold refreshing lemonade with your little loved one in this dress. Imagine this paired with a straw hat with a ribbon, tails flicking and flowing in the Summer breeze.

Peach Striped Silk Shantung Dress with Satin Rosette Ribbons

One of our fancier pieces, delicate and lightweight, it's meant for a real princess! Do you know a real princess who would love this? I bet you do! This dress is meant to be a treasured piece that you can be certain to keep as an heirloom for years to come after it is worn and enjoyed by your little princess. Treat with care, and be sure that you will make many memories.

And that's it for now! Four dresses of the twelve in their almost full splendor. We can't wait to share everything with you, but for now this is what we have to share. We are keeping the anticipation high!

Just as a reminder, each of these are one-of-a-kind dresses in our standard sample size (Girls Size 5, but specific measurements will be provided at official release), so once the dress is sold, that's it! Since this is our first run, this is what we have to offer for now, but as we always say, who knows what the future holds?

Do you like what you see? Let us know! We would love to get your feedback.

Stick around, the full debut is coming! We haven't set a specific date in March yet, but it will be here before you all know it.

Don't forget about our upcoming accessories! We haven't spoken much about them yet, but they are coming. Expect our accessory line to release shortly after our dresses do.

Thanks for reading! Help us out by sharing our posts, we appreciate it as always.

- The Lilith et Adalia Team

Wednesday, January 22, 2014

The Story Behind the Lilith et Adalia Silhouettes & The History of Shadow Puppetry

Have you ever wondered what our iconic silhouette girls represented for the Lilith et Adalia image and brand outlook? Have you ever wanted to see the faces behind these seemingly faceless little ladies? A mystery they are indeed, but we the designers and illustrators of LeA do have a method to our madness!

I. Origins

When we first began thinking about this brand we wanted to create, one that evoked youth and femininity, classicism, fantasy, and whimsy, we wondered...

What image represented this?

After some inspiration seeking, we found great interest in shadow puppets and the cute little mystery behind them - they leave plenty to the imagination. Like the silhouetted cameo women who adorn jewelry and clothing alike, they evoke such a feeling of elegance without even revealing their true face.
We had our answer. We came up with our first "shadow miss", which is the one you see in our main LeA logo; her hair flowing is some sort of imaginary breeze. She brings fourth a feeling of grace and sweetness, which is perfect for our lifestyle image.

II. Going a Step Further
Once we had our first little lady designed, we thought "Should we have more?"

In an effort for an all inclusive brand image, we felt the need to add in some other girls to create a broader reach. Though it is unknown at first glance what race or culture is attached to our main "shadow miss", we felt as though we should add more girls that could represent multiple types of people.

Thus the three other little ladies were born.
Though we didn't feel the need to attach any specific race to our girls, we couldn't help but have options in mind if we were to ever give our girls a face. We felt as though we needed to represent the Caucasian/White demographic, Black/African Descent, Hispanic/Latina, Native American/Alaskan Native, and the Asian/Pacific Islander as equally as possible, as inclusiveness is at the forefront of our brand image.

However, even saying this we thought it over, and we changed gears a bit. What if any of our four girls could represent any race that you, the customers and fans, wanted? That their races and cultures become interchangeable, and any "shadow miss" could be any race or culture she wanted to be? In theory it seems farfetched, as the media and society always feels the need to attach a designated race to the most abstract or imaginary characters (Santa Claus debate, anyone?), but we are fighting against that notion.

Our girls can be anything we want, or you want. They could be from Mars if we really felt like it! They could have blue skin and pink hair, anything you can imagine!

We also wondered, should they have names like characters? Should we base stories on them? What could we do to creatively develop our girls beyond their original simplistic beginnings?

There is no shortage of ideas involving our silhouettes. Be on the lookout for various illustrations and creative concepts surrounding them. Since they can all be anyone we want, the combinations are endless. We have several ideas in mind, but we are keeping them under wraps until later!

III. The History of Shadow Puppetry and Silhouetted Art Forms
Shadow Puppetry and Silhouettes seemingly go hand in hand, however their origins are a little different from each other.

Shadow puppetry can be dated back as far as BCE, however its current state of origin lies in Ancient China, Thailand, Turkey, and various Eurasian lands. Shadow puppets were used to tell stories, put on shows, and even for religious ceremonies. The most elaborate ones were the painted and posable types perfected by Chinese puppeteers. Puppets were held behind a cloth screen and illuminated to create the magic. You could even see the vibrant colors of the puppets through the cloth screen. These remain some of the most iconic in history. Royals and peasants alike flocked to see performances; triumph of good over evil, god over demon, were popular themes.
By the early 18th Century, the art form spread into Europe and gained wide popularity in France. Unlike the colorful kinds that were seen all over Asia, the European puppets were primarily black. However, that did not take away from the superior cutwork and intricacy of the European styled puppets. From elaborate hair styles and accessories, jewelries, and fine ways of dress, the European shadow puppetry was a true marvel in of itself.

Now how is silhouette artistry different?
Well, the silhouette, a name coined from the not so desirable Finance Minister of France, Etienne de Silhouette, who relished in the poor state of the people of France. The poor made fun of the way the aristocracy had their silhouettes done - which was seen as a cheap caricature of their immense wealth. Anything "a la silhouette" was cheap and silly. They dressed up in all black garb and called out "We are dressing a la Silhouette. We are shadows, too poor to wear color!"

Luckily, the mocking ideas of the silhouette fell away, and the practice remained an elegant and highly revered artistic style throughout the 18th and 19th centuries. From the very rich to the very poor, everyone had their silhouette made. They captured the beauty and elegance of the human profile, hairstyles, and clothing with perfection. Hand cut on fine black paper and mounted into frame, it was the pinnacle of finery.

We fell in love with both of these ideas, and admired them for years, so using these art forms to express our brand image was not even a question. Our dancing shadow girls featured here on Blogger, are inspired by the animated shadow puppet concept. Our framed ladies seen on the banners of our various social media sites capture the elegance of the cameo style silhouette. Could we have created a better bond between the art forms? We think not! This will definitely be our image for years going forward.

There will also be lots more shadow puppet and silhouette art to come. As usual we have many ideas in concept form!

We also already have done some additional shadow puppet inspired art featured on our Tumblr page.

(Psst! If you click these two images they're rebloggable on Tumblr!)

We're not stopping there either!

IV. Bonus: The Work of Lotte Reiniger

Lotte Reiniger was one of the most famous shadow puppeteers to adapt the art to film and cinema. Though she faced troubles when much of her early work was lost when she fled her homeland of Germany during WWII (she only managed copies of copies, which were devoid of their original fine detail), as well as the difficulties imposed on her with increased competition with Disney's animated films, her art remained alive and highly acclaimed by people of all ages. 

One of her loveliest films is her 1922 adaptation of Cinderella, which can be seen below. 

Many more of her films can be seen on YouTube as well, we recommend them!

Thank you all for reading, more posts coming soon! If you enjoyed reading this post, please comment and share with your friends.

- Lilith et Adalia Team

Sources and Additional Reading: Playing in Shadows: An Introduction to Shadow PuppetryHistory of Silhouettes, The History of the Silhouette, Silhouettes in History

Wednesday, January 15, 2014

The Illustration Side of Lilith et Adalia

Hello followers! Happy New Year! We hope everyone has been enjoying 2014 so far!

2014 is the year of Lilith et Adalia! In a little over a months time we will begin to have product up for sale on Etsy! Currently we have about 8 of our 12 first release dresses near their completion. We also have accessories in the works, and another project in the hopper as well (If you follow us on Tumblr, maybe you have an idea of our next ambition?)

It has been busy but we have so much planned! We hope you have been following our progression on all our social media outlets!

Today, we'd like to share with you all the other side of our creativity. Before we are designers, we are artists. All the members of the current Lilith et Adalia team grew their creative skills from our youth. We went to school for art and design, and lead our career lives along the same paths. Between Fashion Design and Illustration, which were subjects in which we majored in high school and in university, we have been living art and design for as long as we can remember!

So, what is it exactly that we at LeA want to bring to the forefront using our art and illustrative talents? Well we will show you!

I. Concepts

All of our illustrations begin with an abstract concept. Often we will all correspond via the internet, text, or in person about random art ideas we come up with. Sometimes the most brilliant ideas come from our most idle talk!

Other times, we see something that inspires us and base our illustrations on that. We put our own artistic flare on it of course! Each of us as artists have our own ways of interpreting concepts and have our own art styles in which we create them!

Here is some concept drawings we have been working with...

 Reading is fundamental! Emphasis on the "fun".

 What do you think this one is about? We won't tell just yet!

Oh now what is this? This is something we've been working to perfecting. We can't wait for the final results.

II. Work in Progress

We do have some things in process of being completed, or that are complete but yet to be debuted. We use many different artistic mediums, often digital, but we dabble in many others! Lots of times we would render by hand, scan, and alter digitally.

 Watercolor play! Is that a LeA dress she's wearing, hmm?

 As you can see, we love books! (We love redheads too!)

 Some of you may recognize this little character from one of our current art series! We'll get to that in a moment!

We have a crazy amount of ideas for illustrations! Be it historically inspired, all things girly, vintage, fairytales, you name it, it's cute, we're on it.

Another main goal of our art is to be inclusive of all people of all cultures and races from all around the world. We believe that everyone should have an inspirational character that they can relate to, and to be able to see people of their own being beautiful and iconic. We at Lilith et Adalia firmly believe in an all inclusive creative expression and artistic depiction. We hope that you will support us in our effort.

III. Art Series

Some of you may already be familiar with our ever popular Tumblr comic Lil Dauphine. She is our current leading art series which depicts a little Marie Antoinette who gets into silly situations. Historically based, it's been a hit so far!  
Lil Dauphine in "Crushing Beauty", our first Lil Dauphine comic strip!

We even feature a "Lil Dauphin" character based on Louis XVI! You can see him up there in the not yet completed illustration of him on his rocking horse. There is a comic strip featuring him as well!

We will discuss her a little more in a separate blog entry, but for now do check out our tag!

We plan on a couple more Art Series to debut this year! Some are currently in the concept phase at the moment. We have so much that we want to bring to life!

That's all for now! We hope you enjoyed this post! Stay glued to our social media sites in the coming weeks because big things are beginning to happen!

- Lilith et Adalia Team