Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Things We Love: Cherished Forest

Theme IV: Cherished Forest

The beauty of the forest. Any and every season it's filled with wonder. Tall gallant trees, long expanses of grassland, shy little wildlife roaming about, birds chirping, sleepy rivers. Sometimes it would seem that such a beautiful landscape could even be...Enchanted?

Upon a mossy rock sits the elegant Forest Nymph. Her dress made of vines and willow stems, her unruly locks laced with fresh picked lilies. She climbs off and plops right into a soft bed of grass. Blissfully she lays, looking up toward the towering trees above her. What adventure awaits? Perhaps cartwheels in the valley, or berry-picking in the bushes? Not a day passes that she isn't astounded by the tranquility that surrounds her. Sweetly, she begins to sing. The forest rouses. Everything around her begins to glow with life and beauty. "Awaken unto me, My Cherished Forest, for you bring me life as I do unto you."

What items have we chosen for this theme? Let's begin!

Garment I: Next Printed Cotton Dress

Next is a brand that we love for Children's Clothing, and draw lot's of inspiration from. They have the sweetest most effortless pieces for girls, especially their dresses. We couldn't resist this adorable printed cotton dress that features little woodland creatures, trees, and other cool trinkets. We hope to have our own printed dresses like this someday.

Garment II: Printed Chiffon Ruffle Blouse
This is gorgeous. This blouse is so airy and pretty and we just adore it. The lace detail, the bow at the neck, and those adorable pearl buttons! This is an easy piece that still screams femininity in all it's wonders. How about pairing something like this with a cute pleated skirt, a bit more tailored to balance out the hyper-feminine look of this blouse. Or why not pair a tiered flowy skirt? Your little one can be the nymph of her own Cherished Forest.

Garment III: Simonetta Bobble Knit Sweater
Let's delve into some more Wintery garments that evoke our foresty theme. We love this bobble (or bauble if you may) sweater in this frosty pink. It looks super warm and snuggly. The fur collar is great because it's detachable! We love detachable qualities in garments for that added versatility, very important in Children's Wear. The grosgrain bows are also a sweet touch.

Accessory I: Ugg Pink Suede Boots
Sorry, we couldn't stay away from this pair of pink Ugg's! The matching pink fur and ribbon detail was just too adorable and forest appropriate. These match perfectly with the Simonetta bobble sweater!

Accessory II: Pink Furry Scarf
Bundle her up with this luscious faux fur scarf We love the dusty pinkish brown color. All we need are a pair of gloves and earmuffs to match! Nothing better than that on a cold Winter's day amongst nature.

We hope you liked our fourth installment of Things We Love: Cherished Forest. Was it inspiring? Don't forget, you don't have to be a little girl to dress sweetly! We hope you found some garment ideas for yourself too! Fashion transcends all ages, a mantra we live for.

Thank you for reading!

- Lilith et Adalia

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