Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Things We Love: Grandma's Cottage

Theme III: Grandma's Cotage

Hello followers, we apologize for the brief absence! However we have been remaining quite active over on our Tumblr page and have reached the grand milestone of... 


Our content over there is definitely more image based, thus its popularity. We love to share what inspires us with you. But we do hope you all enjoy what we write too! This blog hasn't gotten much momentum yet but we're trying to change that. Soon we will have more Blogger specific content!

Lets get started with our third theme! We also hope to bring you all some brand specific posts soon as well! 

There's a quaint little cottage at the end of the winding road. Gleefully a little girl skips along the path, lined with dainty little flowers and tall wisps of grass. Running ahead of Mama she calls out, "I smell cranberry crumble pie!" Mama smiles, excitement teeming from both of their faces, eager for a taste. They reach the front porch, wooden, wonderfully weathered, and covered in flowered vines. Happily the little girl knocks on the door, it slowly creaks open to reveal... "Grandma! Grandma!" she exclaims and runs in for an embrace. Lovingly, Grandma squeezes. Sweetly, Mama looks on, smiling ear to ear. "The pie has just come out the oven, it's waiting in the kitchen just for you two, made with all the love Grandma can give."

The whimsical tale of Grandma's Cottage. Adapt it how you may for any dear relative, or even friend of the family. Be it a reality or distant fond memory, the love will always hold true within you. 

We've handpicked some inspiring items to go along with the theme, what would your little one wear to "Grandma's Cottage"? Maybe for teatime, or a whole plate of sweet treats, here's some items that Grandma would love.

Garment I: H&M Kids Knitted Cardigan
We love the classic brownish-beige coloration of this cardigan, and of course the adorable bow closure detail. The pockets are also a nice touch along with the cuffs that sort of look like bows themselves. It's a very sweet and sophisticated look for you're classy little lady. 

Garment II: Ralph Lauren Smocked Striped Seersucker Dress
This is just the cutest! The babydoll silhouette, the rich classic fabric, the sweet peter pan ruffled collar and the dainty little ruffle peeking from the hem. Could we ask for more? This look never goes out of style for girls. 

Garment III: Intarsia Print Fawn Knit Top

This is so cute. It looks so soft, as if you were to pet the little fawn's fur yourself. Engineered knits are always great. They show the real craftsmanship you can achieve with a simple knit silhouette. The rolled edges are a result of minor increases in the knitting, simple but effective. But the real eye catcher is definitely the adorable fawn. 

Accessory I: White Patent Flower Detail Mary Janes
You can't beat a sweet pair of white Mary Janes, polished to perfection without a scuff in sight (for now at least!) What better to prance around Grandma's dining room floors?

Bonus: Lamb Plush with Wardrobe Set
Oh what's this? Grandma has a gift for her little one. Boy does she spoil her rotten, but that's what Grandma's are for right? This cute set features a fuzzy lamb plushie with dressup clothes! So awesome! We just love the cute little polkadot hangers! Every girl needs a little plush friend. We'll name her Amelie.

That's it for this installment of Things We Love: Grandma's Cottage. New posts soon to follow. We've been busy here at Lilith et Adalia, sewing away to produce our first line! What have we made so far you ask? Stay tuned because you will find out in next weeks blog post!

(If you follow our Twitter, we've been tweeting plenty of sneak peeks already! Follow us there if you want to see garment pictures in real time!)

Thanks for following us and for all your support.

- Lilith et Adalia Team

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