Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Things We Love: Winter Rose

Theme II: Winter Rose

What is more beautiful than a rose? So many colors and tones to its petals. Even when it wilts you cannot resist its beauty. When we see roses we automatically think of elegance and sophistication.

The rare sight of a Winter Rose. Its petals are delicate yet formidable, baring against all odds to remain in bloom. Under the winter's rain and snow, frost and wind, a single scathed rose clings to its vine, pining upward haughtily in the sparse sunlight. Even as it withers, its petals trickling to the ground in a dismal melancholy, those red and lively petals will blow freely in the wind across the barren field of white snow. The Rose is reborn anew.

Little ones should forever be in bloom and feel beautiful no matter the odds. Here now are some of our weekly favorites that evoke the beauty of the Winter Rose. All items were found on Children's Salon besides one item from H&M Kids.

Garment I: Simonetta Knit Watercolor Rose Print Dress
The main item of this theme, a gorgeous cream and white dress with a beautiful painted rose print. We love the classic silhouette complimented by the eye catching rose image. It's like that diligent rose breaking from its snowy shackles to reveal its beauty and liveliness. Such an inspiring garment for us.

Garment II: H&M "All for Children" Burgundy Satin Capelet 

When we saw this we instantly fell in love. It's adorable, and would even coordinate perfectly with the knit rose dress. This is a truly regal and elegant garment. The shade of red is a lovely bordeaux that is simply perfect for winter. The pleating and the drape of the silk reminds me of the stage curtains of an opera house. The detailing is impeccable. We will definitely be looking into recreating a similar silhouette someday.

Garment III: La Stupenderia Tweed Wool Coat Dress with Velvet Bow

 We simply love the simple yet elegant look of this coat; from its deep inset pleats, its collar that just shapes freely into the front overlap, to the velvet tie belt and coordinating piping trim. This coat is perfect. This can easily go with the previous items as well as a coordinated look. Any little sophisticate will bloom in an ensemble like this.

Along with knits and capes, we do aspire to creating a line of outerwear for girls. In due time of course.

Accessory I: Roberto Cavalli Gold Embellished Black Suede Leather Mary Janes

Divine. What more can we say? Gold and velvety suede are the embellishments of a true princess or better yet, a queen! The touch of patent leather is just enough for that classic look and the leopard insoles, though not visible when worn, bring back the modernity. These shoes will also coordinate perfectly with the previous items.

Remember, always remain in bloom.

- Lilith et Adalia

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