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Lilith et Adalia: A Lifestyle Brand

A Lifestyle Brand, What Does it Mean?

In the Fashion Industry, the term "Lifestyle Brand" denotes the desired way of life a Fashion Brand feels their customers should lead. In order to achieve this, a brand will often advertise and promote themselves with an aesthetic look that they want for their customer. They want for the customer to be involved in their brand from all ends of their lives. Sounds a bit crazy, but believe me in our case it's not so. A successful lifestyle brand creates an aesthetic that is easily achievable and highly versatile for various different customers—not an easy feat, but one we are wholeheartedly delving into!

What Brand Lifestyle do we Promote?

Here at Lilith et Adalia, not only do we want to provide you're little ones with pretty little garments and accessories to make them feel beautiful and express their fashion sense, but we want to encourage a way of life that represents our brand image. This includes:
  • Enjoyment of the beautiful things life has to offer: Museums, Architecture, Art Galleries, Tea Houses and Cafes, Gardens and Conservatories, Exotic Places, The Natural World...and more.
  • Surrounding yourself in beauty and your favorite things: Vintage Home Decor, Heirloom Tea Sets, Flower Arrangements, anything that is appealing to your tastes―those are just a few of our favorites.
  • Taking inspiration from History through fashion, art, and decor. 
We also strive to promote the embrace of feminine beauty in a way that girls can be proud of. Femininity is also not a sign of weakness, and no girl should be led to believe that. Girls should be given the option to choose for themselves the level of femininity they would like to display. Some girls like super pink and frilly goodness while others would prefer different colors and a simpler silhouette. We want to provide a balance between our different young customers. Yes we love the pink and frilly, but that's not all we are about. Simple, refined, and classic is another route well tread. Again, versatility and the ability to adapt and grow with the customer is important in a successful Lifestyle Brand.

Image: Dior

Lilith et Adalia - Not Just for Little Girls

Yes we are a brand for little girls, but the Lifestyle is open to people of all ages!

Mommy and daughter love dressing up together on Sundays. 
Dad always knows how to spoil his little angel with new pretty hair ribbons.
Grandma loves sharing her collection of vintage clothing with her granddaughter.
Big Sis loves to play princess with Little Sis.
Tea Time is always more fun with friends of all ages.

And simply enough, if you love historical beauty, live and indulge in the "princess life", love to dress the little ones in your life in cute garments, or even just admire it all, you are a part of the Lilith et Adalia Lifestyle. (Remember too, that many of our accessories can be worn by anyone of any age!)

Image: Sofia Coppola's Marie Antoinette

You don't have to be rich...

Many people instantly connect "Lifestyle Brand" with the need for enormous wealth. For Lilith et Adalia that is not the case. We the designers, coming from humble lives ourselves, are serious advocates for creating beauty without breaking the bank. Our garments and accessories will reflect this, at reasonable pricing―of course taking into consideration the fact that everything is handmade. But back to the Lifestyle of Lilith et Adalia, surrounding yourself with beauty doesn't have to cost a lot:

  • Lots of decadent vintage items can be found in attics, purchased in thrift shops and flea markets, and gifted from friends.
  • DIY is your best friend: From simple curtains and pillows to intricate knitted throws, making your own things saves tons of money and makes the item special, even if it was made by someone other than yourself (by a grandmother, aunt, sister, or other relative or friend). Get out there and paint and reupholster a Chaise Lounge in white lacquer and damask twill.
  • Many cultured experiences are free or low cost! Often times Museums and Galleries are free or small donation only. Park and garden walks are almost always free. Most towns and cities all over the world offer free or low cost activities that are low key, relaxing, and quite elegant if you make it so.

So everyone, remember to...

Surround yourself with pretty things within your means and enjoy all the beauty the world has to offer. You don't need an excuse to dress up, be pretty, and be yourself. Everyday is worthy of your beauty and creativity.

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- Lilith et Adalia

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