Sunday, August 18, 2013

Spring/Summer 2014 Fabric HAUL - Getting a Step Closer

It's time for the big reveal!
Here's all the beautiful fabrics to expect in the upcoming season!

And so here you are, and presented beautifully for your viewing pleasure, everything that we are using for the most part for our dresses this season. It was difficult rounding all this stuff up (as we discussed in our last post, click here to read), but in the end it came through. One fabric is missing however because of a mix up with They accidentally sent one of our fabrics wrong, but in the courtesy of their friendly Customer Service, they sent us replacement yardage without hesitation, free of shipping charges. However, when they send our replacement yardage, they didn't send enough (a yard when we asked for two). They promptly refunded us for the missing yard thereafter. We had a serious battle with this fabric which in the end, ended up selling out before it could be replaced. Let's just leave that one off until later when we figure out what to do―it'll be our little surprise.

It's so exciting to see almost everything in! The colors coordinate so well and compliment each other. They are balanced and harmonious. It was tricky trying not to use too much of one color. We like pink, but we didn't want all pinky fabrics for this collection; we wanted more green, blue, and a touch of lilac to broaden our color range, also to have a more vivid floral along with a more subdued floral.

When the order came in, we decided to lay out the fabrics to photograph them and to see how everything looked all aligned together. It painted a clear picture of what to expect when all the dresses are complete. 

So what exactly do we have here? Let's break it down with our little numbered graphic! Click to see a larger image of it if you'd like.

  1. Peach Cotton Sateen
  2. Green Striped Cotton Seersucker
  3. Ivory Striped Cotton/Poly Seersucker
  4. Peach Striped Silk Shantung
  5. White Cotton Clip Dot
  6. Mint Poly Sparkle Organza
  7. Rose Cotton Floral Stripe
  8. Lilac Poly Organza
  9. Power Blue Shantung
  10. Ivory Silk Taffeta
  11. Peach Poly Organza
  12. Peach Silk Shantung
  13. Mint Silk Organza
  14. Lilac Cotton Floral
  15. Mint Cotton Floral
  16. *Mystery Fabric*
What do you think about our fabric choices and color story? Any feedback you may have is appreciated!

We at Lilith et Adalia couldn't be more excited to get started on everything. Now that the fabrics have been purchased, the technical and tedious process of pattern-making will now begin full throttle. We do all our patterns using slopers, which are templates used to create patterns for garments. Fear not, we will totally take you along for that process, maybe you'd learn a thing or two about what exactly goes into making a little girls dress? It seems easy but mind you, it takes a lot of patience and hard work! But of course, we will share it all with you―look out for process and progress in the upcoming posts!

New posts select Sundays at 12pm! Stay up-to-date!

Thanks for stopping by,

Lilith et Adalia

Sunday, August 11, 2013

Spring/Summer 2014 Fabric Hunt: Dream or Nightmare?

Oh the design process, a flurry of imagination and endless possibilities.

But it doesn't end there now does it? After the creative juices flow wildly through the mind of a designer, the next step is figuring out how to make these beautiful sketches come to life.

Fabric plays a huge role in this, as does trim, and all the technical processes that come along with the creation of a beautiful garment. But lets focus on fabrics for a minute...

In our last post, we discussed our theme, Petite Antoinette, and our initial inspiration and color story. Soon enough, it was time to set out to find the perfect fabrics for the garments we designed so meticulously. They had to be perfect, decadent, and beautiful...however we couldn't afford to break the bank! We also had to think of fabrics that would be comfortable for a child to wear. We decided to stick to the idea of cotton and lightweight silks.

One overcast Saturday afternoon we embarked on a painstaking process of sourcing all our fabrics. We encroached upon New York City's Garment District, our usual tried and true stomping grounds, to see what we could find. We went in with high hopes but prepared to have massive headaches by the day's end―it never fails.

You'd be seeing blurry too after fabric exhaustion...never fun.
We visited several of the more expensive fabric stores to collect swatches and scout out what was available. Stores like Elegant Fabrics, Mood Fabrics, and B&J Fabrics, though highly acclaimed shops, were much too overpriced and on top of that, we couldn't find what we really wanted there anyway.

$32.95 a yard? I don't think so...
So it was time to move on to the cheaper shops along 39th Street where over the many years as design students, we have delved in like honeybees in a flower patch, spending hours flower― hopping until we found the best fabrics for the cheapest prices. 

And that we did.

We checked out our regular shops, A&K Fabrics and Hamed Fabrics, and found quite a few gems.

These were a couple things we scoped out in the cotton department, and at only $6 and $7 per yard, is there a question?

However, we had some trouble deciding which fabrics we wanted to use for each of the dresses, finding the colors we wanted, and we even continued to run into some pricing issues. Every store wanted $15 - $18 per yard for silk taffeta, which was still massively out of our price range.

But there was light at the end of the tunnel. We ended up going with a cheaper alternative for silk taffeta, which was silk shantung. Hamed fabrics was a godsend with their availability of the perfect colors and textures that suited our collection. We ended up buying the majority of our silks there, each at a nicer $10 per yard (on top of the fact that they gave us discounts as we are frequent buyers―always a nice plus)

The visions were slowly coming to life...

We were still missing a lot though. We couldn't find the perfect cotton florals or textured cottons that we still needed so desperately.

And that's where came in, the most glorious website in all the world.

Initially we were going to source the majority of our cottons from Shabby Fabrics. Though they are a wonderful source of good quality printed and textured cottons, the prices with shipping set us over our limits. We had to forgo them.

So insert, an old stomping ground of mines forgotten. When we felt at a loss for our remaining fabrics, this site saved our skins. 
Let's list some reasons why this site is god.

1. FREE SHIPPING on orders over $35, an easy pass.
2. A CRAZY amount of quality fabrics available.
3. DISCOUNTS...discounts everywhere.

And with that said, we found everything else we needed―including lining at $1.98 per yard and crinoline at $0.98 per yard (and 72" wide too! Heaven exists...)

So what else exactly did we get? Images of the massive fabric haul in our next post! 
Stay tuned in and you will see them all in their glory and witness as our first collection comes to life.

Thanks for reading! (New posts select Sundays at 12pm EST!)

- Lilith et Adalia

Sunday, August 4, 2013

Lilith et Adalia - Spring/Summer 2014 - Theme: Petite Antoinette

How it Came to Be - Spring/Summer '14 - "Petite Antoinette"

Oh the 18th Century, an era of decadence, luxury, and elegant beauty. For years, we―the designers―have held this era of history as one of our biggest aesthetic inspirations. Political and social turmoil aside, though a marring aspect of the era, there still remains a twinkle of beauty through that of beautiful fashion and interior design. 

Rococo, in its every cloying detail, speaks volumes to us. Therefore, what better to begin with in our first collection? The answer was undoubtedly clear.

Now you may wonder, how would we translate these massive and sometimes garish ensembles of the 18th Century aristocracy into sweet and dainty dresses for little girls? Well, simply enough, we just take elements we like from the dresses we see and adapt them to a more childlike silhouette. 

Fabrics like Cotton Sateen, Taffeta, Velvet, Brocades. Details like Ruffles, Rosettes, Laces, Ribbons, Bows, Picot. Prints like Florals, Stripes, Damask...they all come together to evoke the 18th Century look. When used strategically, you can get a beautiful effect that still speaks to the aesthetics of the modern little girl.

There is the worry of garments being to costumey, but by simplifying the aesthetics, we will avoid it.

Color also plays an important role in this theme. Pastel greens, pinks, and blues are very key. Also neutrals, like ivory, cream, and grey. There's also more vibrant yellow and mint which will give life to the collection. To offset that, dusty pinks and purples that have a calming effect. 

The colors we chose come from the colors of the time itself, and also in part as colors that are almost always trending for the Spring and Summer seasons. These colors also often appeal to girls in general. 

When shopping for our fabrics, we will keep this palette in mind. We will need plain solids, textured solids, and prints that incorporate this color range. 

The basic breakdown of the collection is this. We want to cover every possible occasion for your little one to get dressed up, so we worked out three categories to guide us when designing this season. 

Formal and Special Occasion 

Our most formal dresses are to be quite exquisite. They will incorporate extra details, finer trims, and finer fabrics. They also have fuller skirts for the maximum "formal effect".

Semi-Formal dresses bridge the gap between a fancy affair and a more simple one. They are a little less poofy and embellishments are used a little more sparingly, but never fear, they will evoke the same sense of whimsy. 

Daywear dresses are for days out on the town, for your little girl to feel pretty on you're average day. Hems are slightly shorter, providing more ease of wear while she prances about her day.

All in all, there will be four dresses that fit these descriptions, all one-of-a-kind. You're little one will own the only one like it!

We're so excited to begin work on our garments, especially since this is our first! Months of planning and dreaming have finally lead up to this. We will be documenting our journey here on this blog as frequently as we possibly can. Stay tuned, progress, sneak peeks, and more will be coming soon!

Take care everyone and thanks for coming along for the ride.

- Lilith et Adalia
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