Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Lilith et Adalia - A Brand is Born

It all began with the dream...

The dream of two young designers, just stepping from the doors of Fashion Institute of Technology.Fashion Degree's in hand, Bachelor's at that, and specialists in Children's Wear.

They knew what they wanted. To design what they loved the most of all.
Girls Apparel.

These ideas bring the designers such joy and inspiration.
Right out of college and beginning their own careers in the fashion industry, they knew they wanted something to call their own too. 

And thus Lilith et Adalia was born.

The Name

Lilith et Adalia simply translates to "Lilith and Adalia", from French to English. Though neither designer boasts a French background themselves, they do have a deep love for French art, fashion, and fashion history. It holds a very deep rooted place in their window of inspiration.

What it Means to Us

Lilith is a name that embodies a girl of character, courage, fearlessness. She's not afraid to be the girl she wants to be. She is clever and cunning and knows what she wants out of life, even at her young age.

Adalia is a name that defines a girl who is graceful, creative, and knowledgeable. She is caring and understanding of others and her world. She embraces her feminine qualities yet doesn't let them completely define her.

The coming together of the two make for a unique and complementary pairing. 

The Brand

The goal of Lilith et Adalia is to create beautiful one-of-a-kind garments for little girls that evoke a sense of charm and whimsy. They are classical, vintage-inspired, and intricate. Each garment is handmade by the designers themselves, thus their exclusivity. Care is placed into every stitch.

We plan to launch our first collection for the Spring 2014 season in February 2014 at our Etsy Shop

An exclusive independent webshop will one day soon follow in it's footsteps.

Thank you all for supporting us.


  1. Is it possible to buy that Tangled sweater you posted on your tumblr blog? I'm in love with it!

    1. I'm sorry but we just make images of those sweaters with the computer, they aren't our products. We only sell children's clothing and accessories at the moment, but who knows, one day we might expand, but for now we are only doing little girls stuff of our own design. Sorry to disappoint you!