Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Merry Christmas from the Lilith et Adalia Team!

We at Lilith et Adalia want to wish our followers a very Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays! We hope you enjoyed or are enjoying yourself this wonderful holiday season!

We are hard at work these days to bring you our first dress line. Lots of cutting, sewing, fitting and trimming, while at the same time juggling full time jobs. It's not easy what we're doing, but we don't plan on giving up! We have lots of work ahead of us in the coming New Year.

Soon we will be debuting photos of some of our first completed dresses to give you all a little preview of what we can do! We hope that you will love what we have so far.

Our Etsy Shop is planned to open in February 2014, however there may be the off chance that all items will not be available until March. We will do our best to get everything out there as soon as we can.

We have so much planned in the next couple of months, please bare with us and stay in the loop on all our social media sites for updates:

Thank you everyone for following us on all our sites!

- Lilith et Adalia Team

Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Things We Love: Cherished Forest

Theme IV: Cherished Forest

The beauty of the forest. Any and every season it's filled with wonder. Tall gallant trees, long expanses of grassland, shy little wildlife roaming about, birds chirping, sleepy rivers. Sometimes it would seem that such a beautiful landscape could even be...Enchanted?

Upon a mossy rock sits the elegant Forest Nymph. Her dress made of vines and willow stems, her unruly locks laced with fresh picked lilies. She climbs off and plops right into a soft bed of grass. Blissfully she lays, looking up toward the towering trees above her. What adventure awaits? Perhaps cartwheels in the valley, or berry-picking in the bushes? Not a day passes that she isn't astounded by the tranquility that surrounds her. Sweetly, she begins to sing. The forest rouses. Everything around her begins to glow with life and beauty. "Awaken unto me, My Cherished Forest, for you bring me life as I do unto you."

What items have we chosen for this theme? Let's begin!

Garment I: Next Printed Cotton Dress

Next is a brand that we love for Children's Clothing, and draw lot's of inspiration from. They have the sweetest most effortless pieces for girls, especially their dresses. We couldn't resist this adorable printed cotton dress that features little woodland creatures, trees, and other cool trinkets. We hope to have our own printed dresses like this someday.

Garment II: Printed Chiffon Ruffle Blouse
This is gorgeous. This blouse is so airy and pretty and we just adore it. The lace detail, the bow at the neck, and those adorable pearl buttons! This is an easy piece that still screams femininity in all it's wonders. How about pairing something like this with a cute pleated skirt, a bit more tailored to balance out the hyper-feminine look of this blouse. Or why not pair a tiered flowy skirt? Your little one can be the nymph of her own Cherished Forest.

Garment III: Simonetta Bobble Knit Sweater
Let's delve into some more Wintery garments that evoke our foresty theme. We love this bobble (or bauble if you may) sweater in this frosty pink. It looks super warm and snuggly. The fur collar is great because it's detachable! We love detachable qualities in garments for that added versatility, very important in Children's Wear. The grosgrain bows are also a sweet touch.

Accessory I: Ugg Pink Suede Boots
Sorry, we couldn't stay away from this pair of pink Ugg's! The matching pink fur and ribbon detail was just too adorable and forest appropriate. These match perfectly with the Simonetta bobble sweater!

Accessory II: Pink Furry Scarf
Bundle her up with this luscious faux fur scarf We love the dusty pinkish brown color. All we need are a pair of gloves and earmuffs to match! Nothing better than that on a cold Winter's day amongst nature.

We hope you liked our fourth installment of Things We Love: Cherished Forest. Was it inspiring? Don't forget, you don't have to be a little girl to dress sweetly! We hope you found some garment ideas for yourself too! Fashion transcends all ages, a mantra we live for.

Thank you for reading!

- Lilith et Adalia

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Things We Love: Grandma's Cottage

Theme III: Grandma's Cotage

Hello followers, we apologize for the brief absence! However we have been remaining quite active over on our Tumblr page and have reached the grand milestone of... 


Our content over there is definitely more image based, thus its popularity. We love to share what inspires us with you. But we do hope you all enjoy what we write too! This blog hasn't gotten much momentum yet but we're trying to change that. Soon we will have more Blogger specific content!

Lets get started with our third theme! We also hope to bring you all some brand specific posts soon as well! 

There's a quaint little cottage at the end of the winding road. Gleefully a little girl skips along the path, lined with dainty little flowers and tall wisps of grass. Running ahead of Mama she calls out, "I smell cranberry crumble pie!" Mama smiles, excitement teeming from both of their faces, eager for a taste. They reach the front porch, wooden, wonderfully weathered, and covered in flowered vines. Happily the little girl knocks on the door, it slowly creaks open to reveal... "Grandma! Grandma!" she exclaims and runs in for an embrace. Lovingly, Grandma squeezes. Sweetly, Mama looks on, smiling ear to ear. "The pie has just come out the oven, it's waiting in the kitchen just for you two, made with all the love Grandma can give."

The whimsical tale of Grandma's Cottage. Adapt it how you may for any dear relative, or even friend of the family. Be it a reality or distant fond memory, the love will always hold true within you. 

We've handpicked some inspiring items to go along with the theme, what would your little one wear to "Grandma's Cottage"? Maybe for teatime, or a whole plate of sweet treats, here's some items that Grandma would love.

Garment I: H&M Kids Knitted Cardigan
We love the classic brownish-beige coloration of this cardigan, and of course the adorable bow closure detail. The pockets are also a nice touch along with the cuffs that sort of look like bows themselves. It's a very sweet and sophisticated look for you're classy little lady. 

Garment II: Ralph Lauren Smocked Striped Seersucker Dress
This is just the cutest! The babydoll silhouette, the rich classic fabric, the sweet peter pan ruffled collar and the dainty little ruffle peeking from the hem. Could we ask for more? This look never goes out of style for girls. 

Garment III: Intarsia Print Fawn Knit Top

This is so cute. It looks so soft, as if you were to pet the little fawn's fur yourself. Engineered knits are always great. They show the real craftsmanship you can achieve with a simple knit silhouette. The rolled edges are a result of minor increases in the knitting, simple but effective. But the real eye catcher is definitely the adorable fawn. 

Accessory I: White Patent Flower Detail Mary Janes
You can't beat a sweet pair of white Mary Janes, polished to perfection without a scuff in sight (for now at least!) What better to prance around Grandma's dining room floors?

Bonus: Lamb Plush with Wardrobe Set
Oh what's this? Grandma has a gift for her little one. Boy does she spoil her rotten, but that's what Grandma's are for right? This cute set features a fuzzy lamb plushie with dressup clothes! So awesome! We just love the cute little polkadot hangers! Every girl needs a little plush friend. We'll name her Amelie.

That's it for this installment of Things We Love: Grandma's Cottage. New posts soon to follow. We've been busy here at Lilith et Adalia, sewing away to produce our first line! What have we made so far you ask? Stay tuned because you will find out in next weeks blog post!

(If you follow our Twitter, we've been tweeting plenty of sneak peeks already! Follow us there if you want to see garment pictures in real time!)

Thanks for following us and for all your support.

- Lilith et Adalia Team

Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Things We Love: Winter Rose

Theme II: Winter Rose

What is more beautiful than a rose? So many colors and tones to its petals. Even when it wilts you cannot resist its beauty. When we see roses we automatically think of elegance and sophistication.

The rare sight of a Winter Rose. Its petals are delicate yet formidable, baring against all odds to remain in bloom. Under the winter's rain and snow, frost and wind, a single scathed rose clings to its vine, pining upward haughtily in the sparse sunlight. Even as it withers, its petals trickling to the ground in a dismal melancholy, those red and lively petals will blow freely in the wind across the barren field of white snow. The Rose is reborn anew.

Little ones should forever be in bloom and feel beautiful no matter the odds. Here now are some of our weekly favorites that evoke the beauty of the Winter Rose. All items were found on Children's Salon besides one item from H&M Kids.

Garment I: Simonetta Knit Watercolor Rose Print Dress
The main item of this theme, a gorgeous cream and white dress with a beautiful painted rose print. We love the classic silhouette complimented by the eye catching rose image. It's like that diligent rose breaking from its snowy shackles to reveal its beauty and liveliness. Such an inspiring garment for us.

Garment II: H&M "All for Children" Burgundy Satin Capelet 

When we saw this we instantly fell in love. It's adorable, and would even coordinate perfectly with the knit rose dress. This is a truly regal and elegant garment. The shade of red is a lovely bordeaux that is simply perfect for winter. The pleating and the drape of the silk reminds me of the stage curtains of an opera house. The detailing is impeccable. We will definitely be looking into recreating a similar silhouette someday.

Garment III: La Stupenderia Tweed Wool Coat Dress with Velvet Bow

 We simply love the simple yet elegant look of this coat; from its deep inset pleats, its collar that just shapes freely into the front overlap, to the velvet tie belt and coordinating piping trim. This coat is perfect. This can easily go with the previous items as well as a coordinated look. Any little sophisticate will bloom in an ensemble like this.

Along with knits and capes, we do aspire to creating a line of outerwear for girls. In due time of course.

Accessory I: Roberto Cavalli Gold Embellished Black Suede Leather Mary Janes

Divine. What more can we say? Gold and velvety suede are the embellishments of a true princess or better yet, a queen! The touch of patent leather is just enough for that classic look and the leopard insoles, though not visible when worn, bring back the modernity. These shoes will also coordinate perfectly with the previous items.

Remember, always remain in bloom.

- Lilith et Adalia

(New Posts from this Blog Series Wednesdays at 12PM EST. Check our Tag to see previous entries for this category!)

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Things We Love: Romantic Flair

Blog Series

We at Lilith et Adalia come to you all with a new Blog Series called "Things We Love". The title explains it all. The Things We Love series will be theme-based posts of Girls clothing, shoes, and accessories that we find inspiring and fit into our brand lifestyle silhouette. Now and again we will also include things such as home furnishings and home goods that also evoke what we at Lilith et Adalia are all about.

Lets get started!

Post I: Romantic Flair
Our first theme in this installment. Think that vintage 19th Century romantic look with an update. Flowy lacy blouses, peplums, classy pastels and ivories, are you seeing the picture yet?

Here are some handpicked items we feel evoke that aesthetic.

Garment I
I Pinco Pallino Knit Peplum Top
The puffed sleeves and beading ribbon detail here really do it for us. The silhouette is classy and refined but somehow still effortlessly so. The neutral color makes it very mature, but in the best of ways. You can always frill this up a bit with a pair of pink trousers, possibly a cute pink twill pair? We ourselves are looking into knit garments for our line in the near future.

Garment II
I Pinco Pallino Ruched Lace Bubble Dress
Another garment from I Pinco Pallino, which is a very high end Children's Wear brand out of Italy, though pricey, is a treasure trove for inspiring girls clothing pieces. This one defintely speaks volumes. You can't go wrong with lace overlay, especially in this beautiful cream color. The satin sash and bows give it that extra bit of flair and luxury. This dress shape is also flattering on many girls of different ages. A winner for us.

Garment III
Chloe Organza Blouse
Organza is one of our favorite fabrics, so we couldn't resist this piece! It's so soft, airy, and whimsical. The peter pan collar with the bow is just so classically feminine, along with the cuffs. Something like this can be paired with a stiff taffeta flared skirt with a bit of poof―the crispness of the taffeta offsetting the softness of the blouse. Or even a cute pair of embroidered jeans? This can easily be dressed up or down.

Accessory I

Zara Soft Leather Mary Janes
Are these not the cutest little shoes ever? We sure think so. The classic Mary Jane with an update. No patent leather and shiny obnoxious silver buckles here, instead we have this gorgeous beige leather that looks just like Milk Tea with the complementing brown. The toe shape looks almost like handcrafted crown molding. The golden buckles also match perfectly. These would go with just about anything.

Accessory II
Zatchel's 14.5 Pink and Graphite Leather Satchel

Last but not least, this adorable satchel bag that is perfect for school. It's just as classy as any ladies bag, just for kids! The price is pretty steep yes, but we can't help but find it adorable! The pastel pink with the black contrast is very Chanel-esque, which we simply love. The shape just oozes sophistication. Imagine a little girl toting around with this! She'll love going to school simply to use this bag!

That's all for our first week of Things We Love! Look out for new posts from this series Wednesdays at 12PM EST! Did you enjoy this post? Leave us a comment with feedback! We appreciate it!

- Lilith et Adalia

Sunday, September 15, 2013

Lilith et Adalia: A Lifestyle Brand

A Lifestyle Brand, What Does it Mean?

In the Fashion Industry, the term "Lifestyle Brand" denotes the desired way of life a Fashion Brand feels their customers should lead. In order to achieve this, a brand will often advertise and promote themselves with an aesthetic look that they want for their customer. They want for the customer to be involved in their brand from all ends of their lives. Sounds a bit crazy, but believe me in our case it's not so. A successful lifestyle brand creates an aesthetic that is easily achievable and highly versatile for various different customers—not an easy feat, but one we are wholeheartedly delving into!

What Brand Lifestyle do we Promote?

Here at Lilith et Adalia, not only do we want to provide you're little ones with pretty little garments and accessories to make them feel beautiful and express their fashion sense, but we want to encourage a way of life that represents our brand image. This includes:
  • Enjoyment of the beautiful things life has to offer: Museums, Architecture, Art Galleries, Tea Houses and Cafes, Gardens and Conservatories, Exotic Places, The Natural World...and more.
  • Surrounding yourself in beauty and your favorite things: Vintage Home Decor, Heirloom Tea Sets, Flower Arrangements, anything that is appealing to your tastes―those are just a few of our favorites.
  • Taking inspiration from History through fashion, art, and decor. 
We also strive to promote the embrace of feminine beauty in a way that girls can be proud of. Femininity is also not a sign of weakness, and no girl should be led to believe that. Girls should be given the option to choose for themselves the level of femininity they would like to display. Some girls like super pink and frilly goodness while others would prefer different colors and a simpler silhouette. We want to provide a balance between our different young customers. Yes we love the pink and frilly, but that's not all we are about. Simple, refined, and classic is another route well tread. Again, versatility and the ability to adapt and grow with the customer is important in a successful Lifestyle Brand.

Image: Dior

Lilith et Adalia - Not Just for Little Girls

Yes we are a brand for little girls, but the Lifestyle is open to people of all ages!

Mommy and daughter love dressing up together on Sundays. 
Dad always knows how to spoil his little angel with new pretty hair ribbons.
Grandma loves sharing her collection of vintage clothing with her granddaughter.
Big Sis loves to play princess with Little Sis.
Tea Time is always more fun with friends of all ages.

And simply enough, if you love historical beauty, live and indulge in the "princess life", love to dress the little ones in your life in cute garments, or even just admire it all, you are a part of the Lilith et Adalia Lifestyle. (Remember too, that many of our accessories can be worn by anyone of any age!)

Image: Sofia Coppola's Marie Antoinette

You don't have to be rich...

Many people instantly connect "Lifestyle Brand" with the need for enormous wealth. For Lilith et Adalia that is not the case. We the designers, coming from humble lives ourselves, are serious advocates for creating beauty without breaking the bank. Our garments and accessories will reflect this, at reasonable pricing―of course taking into consideration the fact that everything is handmade. But back to the Lifestyle of Lilith et Adalia, surrounding yourself with beauty doesn't have to cost a lot:

  • Lots of decadent vintage items can be found in attics, purchased in thrift shops and flea markets, and gifted from friends.
  • DIY is your best friend: From simple curtains and pillows to intricate knitted throws, making your own things saves tons of money and makes the item special, even if it was made by someone other than yourself (by a grandmother, aunt, sister, or other relative or friend). Get out there and paint and reupholster a Chaise Lounge in white lacquer and damask twill.
  • Many cultured experiences are free or low cost! Often times Museums and Galleries are free or small donation only. Park and garden walks are almost always free. Most towns and cities all over the world offer free or low cost activities that are low key, relaxing, and quite elegant if you make it so.

So everyone, remember to...

Surround yourself with pretty things within your means and enjoy all the beauty the world has to offer. You don't need an excuse to dress up, be pretty, and be yourself. Everyday is worthy of your beauty and creativity.

Stay up to date with our blog for more updates on the brand.

Be sure to check all our other social media sites located on the blog sidebars!

More lifestyle imagery can be found on our Tumblr page, where our Lifestyle aesthetic is most apparent.

- Lilith et Adalia

Sunday, August 18, 2013

Spring/Summer 2014 Fabric HAUL - Getting a Step Closer

It's time for the big reveal!
Here's all the beautiful fabrics to expect in the upcoming season!

And so here you are, and presented beautifully for your viewing pleasure, everything that we are using for the most part for our dresses this season. It was difficult rounding all this stuff up (as we discussed in our last post, click here to read), but in the end it came through. One fabric is missing however because of a mix up with They accidentally sent one of our fabrics wrong, but in the courtesy of their friendly Customer Service, they sent us replacement yardage without hesitation, free of shipping charges. However, when they send our replacement yardage, they didn't send enough (a yard when we asked for two). They promptly refunded us for the missing yard thereafter. We had a serious battle with this fabric which in the end, ended up selling out before it could be replaced. Let's just leave that one off until later when we figure out what to do―it'll be our little surprise.

It's so exciting to see almost everything in! The colors coordinate so well and compliment each other. They are balanced and harmonious. It was tricky trying not to use too much of one color. We like pink, but we didn't want all pinky fabrics for this collection; we wanted more green, blue, and a touch of lilac to broaden our color range, also to have a more vivid floral along with a more subdued floral.

When the order came in, we decided to lay out the fabrics to photograph them and to see how everything looked all aligned together. It painted a clear picture of what to expect when all the dresses are complete. 

So what exactly do we have here? Let's break it down with our little numbered graphic! Click to see a larger image of it if you'd like.

  1. Peach Cotton Sateen
  2. Green Striped Cotton Seersucker
  3. Ivory Striped Cotton/Poly Seersucker
  4. Peach Striped Silk Shantung
  5. White Cotton Clip Dot
  6. Mint Poly Sparkle Organza
  7. Rose Cotton Floral Stripe
  8. Lilac Poly Organza
  9. Power Blue Shantung
  10. Ivory Silk Taffeta
  11. Peach Poly Organza
  12. Peach Silk Shantung
  13. Mint Silk Organza
  14. Lilac Cotton Floral
  15. Mint Cotton Floral
  16. *Mystery Fabric*
What do you think about our fabric choices and color story? Any feedback you may have is appreciated!

We at Lilith et Adalia couldn't be more excited to get started on everything. Now that the fabrics have been purchased, the technical and tedious process of pattern-making will now begin full throttle. We do all our patterns using slopers, which are templates used to create patterns for garments. Fear not, we will totally take you along for that process, maybe you'd learn a thing or two about what exactly goes into making a little girls dress? It seems easy but mind you, it takes a lot of patience and hard work! But of course, we will share it all with you―look out for process and progress in the upcoming posts!

New posts select Sundays at 12pm! Stay up-to-date!

Thanks for stopping by,

Lilith et Adalia

Sunday, August 11, 2013

Spring/Summer 2014 Fabric Hunt: Dream or Nightmare?

Oh the design process, a flurry of imagination and endless possibilities.

But it doesn't end there now does it? After the creative juices flow wildly through the mind of a designer, the next step is figuring out how to make these beautiful sketches come to life.

Fabric plays a huge role in this, as does trim, and all the technical processes that come along with the creation of a beautiful garment. But lets focus on fabrics for a minute...

In our last post, we discussed our theme, Petite Antoinette, and our initial inspiration and color story. Soon enough, it was time to set out to find the perfect fabrics for the garments we designed so meticulously. They had to be perfect, decadent, and beautiful...however we couldn't afford to break the bank! We also had to think of fabrics that would be comfortable for a child to wear. We decided to stick to the idea of cotton and lightweight silks.

One overcast Saturday afternoon we embarked on a painstaking process of sourcing all our fabrics. We encroached upon New York City's Garment District, our usual tried and true stomping grounds, to see what we could find. We went in with high hopes but prepared to have massive headaches by the day's end―it never fails.

You'd be seeing blurry too after fabric exhaustion...never fun.
We visited several of the more expensive fabric stores to collect swatches and scout out what was available. Stores like Elegant Fabrics, Mood Fabrics, and B&J Fabrics, though highly acclaimed shops, were much too overpriced and on top of that, we couldn't find what we really wanted there anyway.

$32.95 a yard? I don't think so...
So it was time to move on to the cheaper shops along 39th Street where over the many years as design students, we have delved in like honeybees in a flower patch, spending hours flower― hopping until we found the best fabrics for the cheapest prices. 

And that we did.

We checked out our regular shops, A&K Fabrics and Hamed Fabrics, and found quite a few gems.

These were a couple things we scoped out in the cotton department, and at only $6 and $7 per yard, is there a question?

However, we had some trouble deciding which fabrics we wanted to use for each of the dresses, finding the colors we wanted, and we even continued to run into some pricing issues. Every store wanted $15 - $18 per yard for silk taffeta, which was still massively out of our price range.

But there was light at the end of the tunnel. We ended up going with a cheaper alternative for silk taffeta, which was silk shantung. Hamed fabrics was a godsend with their availability of the perfect colors and textures that suited our collection. We ended up buying the majority of our silks there, each at a nicer $10 per yard (on top of the fact that they gave us discounts as we are frequent buyers―always a nice plus)

The visions were slowly coming to life...

We were still missing a lot though. We couldn't find the perfect cotton florals or textured cottons that we still needed so desperately.

And that's where came in, the most glorious website in all the world.

Initially we were going to source the majority of our cottons from Shabby Fabrics. Though they are a wonderful source of good quality printed and textured cottons, the prices with shipping set us over our limits. We had to forgo them.

So insert, an old stomping ground of mines forgotten. When we felt at a loss for our remaining fabrics, this site saved our skins. 
Let's list some reasons why this site is god.

1. FREE SHIPPING on orders over $35, an easy pass.
2. A CRAZY amount of quality fabrics available.
3. DISCOUNTS...discounts everywhere.

And with that said, we found everything else we needed―including lining at $1.98 per yard and crinoline at $0.98 per yard (and 72" wide too! Heaven exists...)

So what else exactly did we get? Images of the massive fabric haul in our next post! 
Stay tuned in and you will see them all in their glory and witness as our first collection comes to life.

Thanks for reading! (New posts select Sundays at 12pm EST!)

- Lilith et Adalia

Sunday, August 4, 2013

Lilith et Adalia - Spring/Summer 2014 - Theme: Petite Antoinette

How it Came to Be - Spring/Summer '14 - "Petite Antoinette"

Oh the 18th Century, an era of decadence, luxury, and elegant beauty. For years, we―the designers―have held this era of history as one of our biggest aesthetic inspirations. Political and social turmoil aside, though a marring aspect of the era, there still remains a twinkle of beauty through that of beautiful fashion and interior design. 

Rococo, in its every cloying detail, speaks volumes to us. Therefore, what better to begin with in our first collection? The answer was undoubtedly clear.

Now you may wonder, how would we translate these massive and sometimes garish ensembles of the 18th Century aristocracy into sweet and dainty dresses for little girls? Well, simply enough, we just take elements we like from the dresses we see and adapt them to a more childlike silhouette. 

Fabrics like Cotton Sateen, Taffeta, Velvet, Brocades. Details like Ruffles, Rosettes, Laces, Ribbons, Bows, Picot. Prints like Florals, Stripes, Damask...they all come together to evoke the 18th Century look. When used strategically, you can get a beautiful effect that still speaks to the aesthetics of the modern little girl.

There is the worry of garments being to costumey, but by simplifying the aesthetics, we will avoid it.

Color also plays an important role in this theme. Pastel greens, pinks, and blues are very key. Also neutrals, like ivory, cream, and grey. There's also more vibrant yellow and mint which will give life to the collection. To offset that, dusty pinks and purples that have a calming effect. 

The colors we chose come from the colors of the time itself, and also in part as colors that are almost always trending for the Spring and Summer seasons. These colors also often appeal to girls in general. 

When shopping for our fabrics, we will keep this palette in mind. We will need plain solids, textured solids, and prints that incorporate this color range. 

The basic breakdown of the collection is this. We want to cover every possible occasion for your little one to get dressed up, so we worked out three categories to guide us when designing this season. 

Formal and Special Occasion 

Our most formal dresses are to be quite exquisite. They will incorporate extra details, finer trims, and finer fabrics. They also have fuller skirts for the maximum "formal effect".

Semi-Formal dresses bridge the gap between a fancy affair and a more simple one. They are a little less poofy and embellishments are used a little more sparingly, but never fear, they will evoke the same sense of whimsy. 

Daywear dresses are for days out on the town, for your little girl to feel pretty on you're average day. Hems are slightly shorter, providing more ease of wear while she prances about her day.

All in all, there will be four dresses that fit these descriptions, all one-of-a-kind. You're little one will own the only one like it!

We're so excited to begin work on our garments, especially since this is our first! Months of planning and dreaming have finally lead up to this. We will be documenting our journey here on this blog as frequently as we possibly can. Stay tuned, progress, sneak peeks, and more will be coming soon!

Take care everyone and thanks for coming along for the ride.

- Lilith et Adalia
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Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Lilith et Adalia - A Brand is Born

It all began with the dream...

The dream of two young designers, just stepping from the doors of Fashion Institute of Technology.Fashion Degree's in hand, Bachelor's at that, and specialists in Children's Wear.

They knew what they wanted. To design what they loved the most of all.
Girls Apparel.

These ideas bring the designers such joy and inspiration.
Right out of college and beginning their own careers in the fashion industry, they knew they wanted something to call their own too. 

And thus Lilith et Adalia was born.

The Name

Lilith et Adalia simply translates to "Lilith and Adalia", from French to English. Though neither designer boasts a French background themselves, they do have a deep love for French art, fashion, and fashion history. It holds a very deep rooted place in their window of inspiration.

What it Means to Us

Lilith is a name that embodies a girl of character, courage, fearlessness. She's not afraid to be the girl she wants to be. She is clever and cunning and knows what she wants out of life, even at her young age.

Adalia is a name that defines a girl who is graceful, creative, and knowledgeable. She is caring and understanding of others and her world. She embraces her feminine qualities yet doesn't let them completely define her.

The coming together of the two make for a unique and complementary pairing. 

The Brand

The goal of Lilith et Adalia is to create beautiful one-of-a-kind garments for little girls that evoke a sense of charm and whimsy. They are classical, vintage-inspired, and intricate. Each garment is handmade by the designers themselves, thus their exclusivity. Care is placed into every stitch.

We plan to launch our first collection for the Spring 2014 season in February 2014 at our Etsy Shop

An exclusive independent webshop will one day soon follow in it's footsteps.

Thank you all for supporting us.