Wednesday, August 9, 2017

Commission Completion: Custom Made “Natasha” OP Version II + Updates!

Hello everyone! It's been quite some time since we have made a post over here! We are much more active on our Facebook, Instagram, and Tumblr pages, so do check us out and follow over on those sites!

Short Update time!

We are already more than midway through the year and so far we have rolled out a large collection of headdresses in March, which were a huge hit. We built upon the headdress and veil sets that we first began selling at Rufflecon 2016. We got so many requests about them that we decided to make twelve more in different colors and styles, all one of a kind. We still have a couple of the more obscure colors in stock (Ivory and Red currently), but all of our Black versions sold in an instant! We even got one custom request to make a thirteenth in Black.

We still have leftover items in our shop currently from our Rufflecon Collection that we are looking to sell as soon as we can, now with lowered prices! Please check them out!

We are planning some new items very soon, so stay up to date on our social media for details!

Now onto the photos of our last major custom project, keep reading~

"Natasha" One Piece Dress Version II
Custom Sized


So this piece is custom sized to our customer's measurements, the first time we as a brand have took on such a project. It was very much a learning experience. For additional comfort we added a shirring panel at the back, and the dress zips under the arm at the side seam. We hope to try our hand at a few more custom sized pieces after we feel more comfortable with doing them. Our customer was local, so we were able to fit in person, which made a huge difference in getting the fit just right.

The fabric is a Bordeaux Lightweight Cotton Sateen. All the ruffles are hand done and hand placed, a process that took the longest time out of everything which caused a bit of delay with the completion. If we do this dress again, we would prefer to speed up the ruffling and placement process. 

All the bows are handmade as well out of double sided satin ribbon and trimmed with small rosettes. The center bow is a detachable velvet ribbon. The back lacing is organza ribbon. Sleeves are three-quarter princess styled sleeves and the hem is trimmed with tonal mesh. More detailed images below!

And that's all we have for you today! We will try to keep the blog more updated in the future, but our other pages is where all the action is really at. Please follow us! 

We can't reveal too much yet but we are working on a new small collection of one of a kind clothing and accessories for adults and children! We are very excited to begin something new and we can't wait to share that with you all.

Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Rufflecon 2016: Lilith et Adalia and Atelier Sucrè Collaboration and Fashion Show!

Hello followers! Long time no post, we know. It's been a tough and busy year for all of us here at Lilith et Adalia, in short, life happens. But let's keep it positive and keep moving forward for a better and brighter future. 


This year we took on the challenge of being involved in Rufflecon 2016. Rufflecon is an alternative fashion conference for all types of frilly connoisseurs. We participated in the fashion show and were vendors in the Marketplace. We also did a brand collaboration with Atelier Sucrè

We had 8 total looks in the fashion show. Lilith et Adalia showed 6 looks, and Atelier Sucrè showcased 2 looks. They also made some coordinating accessories for our pieces! 

Our theme this year was "Midnight Masquerade". Very dark and mystical looks that evoked a sense of fantasy and transported you to another era. Each look was rather unique. 

Without further ado, here are the pieces! If you are interested in purchasing the items, we have linked the ones that are available at our Etsy Shop!

All of our pieces have full or partial shirring for ease of fit!

2 Piece Jaquard Brocade Bodice and Textured Stripe Skirt Set 
Modeled by Caitlin

Military inspired regalia, this set is very versatile as each piece can be worn as a set or separately. The bodice is made of a luxurious emerald green jacquard brocade fabric with metallic gold stitching. The front is adorned with gold braid trim and gold metal buttons. The skirt is full elastic for ease of wear and comfort and features a black textured stripe cotton suiting fabric. Bows at the hem are also removable. 

Royal Blue Taffeta and Organza JSK with Silver Details
Modeled by Julie

A beautiful jumperskirt meant for a moon princess. Our Himena style features glittery blue tulle accents and underlays, and gorgeous silver lacing details. Each ribbon is finished with moon and star crystal charms (click the link to the Etsy listing for more detail photos!) Dance the night away in the pale moonlight! Head piece is designed by Atelier Sucrè and will also available for purchase!

Red Velveteen Dress with Gold Metallic Print Cotton
Modeled by Madeline Hatter

Inspired by Russian Aristocracy of the Victorian Era, this piece is one of our most luxurious.
Made of plush red cotton velveteen, ivory cotton with metallic gold scroll printing, and show stopping red organza sleeves with gold tassels, this is most definitely a piece meant for royalty. Belt at waist can be removed.
This look also features a matching Kokoshnik head piece designed by Atelier Sucrè, please inquire with them for purchase.

Plum Silk Taffeta Dress
Modeled by Jingle Bell Liu

This piece sold right off the runway in seconds! One of our most detailed pieces of the collection, this dress features plum silk taffeta and self fabric ruffle details. Each ruffle intersection has a tonal purple rosette tacked and fluffy organza ribbons! It's all in the details! The matching floral headpiece by Atelier Sucrè was sold along with it! We were very excited about that!

Designs by Atelier Sucrè
Twin Flocking JSKs - Silver and Royal Colorways
Models Ashley and Shannon

These two beautiful pieces were the design and seamstress work of Kristen from Atelier Sucrè. These twin looks came out as a pair. Made of beautiful velvet flocked fabric and tonal chiffon details, these looks were quite captivating. Not currently available for purchase as the blue version was a prize at the tea party raffle. We hope the lucky winner really enjoys her piece!

Black Lace Border Dress with Chiffon Sleeves
Modeled by Stephanie

Another of our favorites, This black lace dress features a detailed lace border pieced to mesh and overlaid on crisp black taffeta. The neckline is trimmed with embroidered black tulle lace and the front bodice with a criss cross velvet ribbon detail. Sleeves are a flowy and elegant chiffon trimmed with black organza ribbon. Velvet bow at the center front neck can be removed and ties at front can also be tied at the back.

Black Lace OP with Black and Gold Details
Modeled by Amanihime

Our finale piece for the show, this dress is made of black chantilly pattern lace overlaid on black taffeta. The waistline is adorned with a beautiful black and gold jacquard ribbon. All bows are removable for versatility of wear. This dress is also tall friendly as it is quite long. 
This look features a black bonnet made by Atelier Sucrè, please contact them for commissioned pieces and purchase.

All in all, even after a year of difficulty leading us up to this event, the con was an overall success. We thank you all so much for your ongoing support of our brands and to everyone who reached out to us and praised us on our accomplishments. We also want to thank all our wonderful models who were so gracious and cooperative and we couldn't ask for a better bunch of you to make our first debut show successful. And to the amazing Rufflecon staff for firstly recommending us to be a part of the show and allowing us to have this amazing opportunity. Really, even through tough times, the rewards that come afterward are still worth it. 

Thank you, thank you!

Please look forward to more from our brand in the coming year. We want to make 2017 a year of wonders!

Monday, October 19, 2015

Design Spotlight: Leandre La Reine - Coming Soon!

Hello everyone! We are excited to present to you once again the next release of our Women's Wear collection, Leandre la Reine, based on our original Children's dress (see below, click the link to be directed to our etsy shop for purchase only one is available!)

We are concerned however, with sourcing this same powder blue shantung again, so in order to counteract that difficulty, we tried some color runs! We would love to get your thoughts on them!

 Jewel Tones - These colors we find are often widely available from various sources. We personally love the emerald and silver. These colors are very wintery and festive and perfect for the holiday season. Comment and let us know which one is your favorite!

Pastels - We would have to look into sourcing these colors, but we really want to! We could also look into alternate fabrications, like woven solid cotton, swiss dot cotton, clip dot cotton, the list goes on! These are great colors for Spring, and we would love to source these colors for Spring 2016. But maybe you are someone who wears pastels any time? If sourcing is successful we would love to offer these color options all year round. Again, let us know which one is your favorite of these three options!

The first Women's Collection Leandre la Reine dress is planned to be completed by the beginning of December, we hope just in time for Christmas! Whichever color is most popular, we will make as the first one off release. Additional colors will be available on a custom order basis only. Fabric availability always fluctuates for us, so we will keep you updated on what colors we are able to get!

Thank you for reading! We hope you guys are excited!

- Lilith et Adalia

Wednesday, September 16, 2015

The Lilith et Adalia Cinema Presents: Tale of Tales (2015 Film)

It's been a while, hasn't it? But don't worry because today we bring a gift! A gift called "Tale of Tales" in our ongoing "Lilith et Adalia Cinema Presents" series. "Tale of Tales" directed by Matteo Garone is a wonder combination of fantasy, horror and whimsy. A film of three tales that all share a common theme while being intertwined. It is an adaptation of tales by poet Giambattista Basile, which contains early versions of famous fair tales such as Rapunzel, Sleeping Beauty and Cinderella.
In this tale we meet the Queen of Longtrellis. A Queen who appears to have everything. The devotion of her royal subjects, the love of her husband the King of Longtrellis and... well not everything. What she truly desires most of all is a child and she is willing to sacrifice even her life for that. Once she is granted the gift of childbirth all things seem to go well until she realizes that the child she loves more than anything in the world does not share the same devotion of her. As this story unravels, we see just how far she'll go to remain as the one he loves the most.

Our next tale "The Flea" tells the story of the King of Highhills and his daughter Princess Violet. The Princess didn't ask for much except that her father help her find a husband, someone smart and handsome. Her devoted father promises, but soon become distant once his attention and adoration is directed towards something more captivating a Flea... Yes, a Flea. Never would you imagine that something so small could put such a big strain on the relationship between a father and daughter, that is until it's time for the King to fulfill his promise of procuring a husband for his daughter.

Our last tale "The Two Old Women" begins with the lustful King Strongcliff hearing the lovely singing of a fair maiden. But little does he know is that his fair maiden (that he could not see from afar) is actually an elderly woman. The King soon becomes consumed with seeing the face of the woman he's fallen in love with. While the woman and becomes obsessed with trying to conceal herself and keep up a charade to procure a good life for herself and her sister. Soon things begin to go past the point of no return.

One of the main themes throughout each tale is selfishness. Most of the main characters are thoughtless with such a strong desire for something, so strong that they don't see how it affects the others in their life. The Queens desire to keep her son close, the Kings desire and affection for his pet Flea and an Elderly woman's desire to feel young and hold the attention of a King.

'Tale of Tales" is a beautifully poetic and lavishly set film. If you're a lover of Brothers Grimm fairy tales and films directed by Jean-Pierre Jeunet, Terry Gilliam, Tarsem Singh and Tim Burton than this is a movie for you. We didn't even get a chance to show off some of the beautiful costume designs for this feature.
Thank you for reading! What are your favorite fairy-tale themed films? Leave us a comment and we'll be sure to check it out if we haven't already seen it.